clean looking windows

You know the feeling when you come home from your holiday, and you are walking up to your house and either you’re elated to be home, or you are mildly disappointed your house isn’t as pretty as the houses where you’ve just been?

It’s a stinker. However, you can make some simple changes to the outside of your home that will mean you fall in love with it every time you see it.

There are so many ways that you can improve the look of your home exterior, and some of them should be functional as well as beautiful.

Here are some tips for you:


If you have bricks, but you want something more beautiful to look at you can consider cladding, rendering and painting. If you have one of those pebbledashes homes that were very popular in the ’70s and 80’s you have probably considered changing it for years. Well, you can do a few things. Cladding over pebbledash is the most often used option for a quick facelift. Although it should be noted that it can look harsh on the wrong style of home. Painting is likely the most cost-effective – and you can do it yourself. A few layers will brighten the walls in no time at all. While you are changing the walls, you will probably reconsider the type of guttering you have. Seamless gutters are the way to go with almost any exterior changes you make.

clean looking windows
Photo by William Bout on Unsplash


Your roof can be beautiful. You will often find that people are now looking at how they can have living roofs, solar panels, or installing thatch roofing. A lot of what you can do will be dictated by the style of the houses around you and the shape of your home. In bungalows, the roof is one of the most dominant features, so it makes sense to make it a work of art. This can be one of the most expensive jobs to have done.


Windows can be a lot of fun to change. If you have a white exterior, you might choose to add black window fittings to stand out and give some character. OR you might opt to have white ones to give a minimalist approach. If you have a period property, you might have to stick to some strict rules and regulations and replace like for like in terms of style – but that is the beauty of that style of property. You can add a country charm by adding wooden shutters, or a modern twist on a stained glass window. Adding window boxes filled with herbs or flowers always adds a lot of personality and fun – plus you can use the herbs.

Just make sure that you check which changes are going to need planning permissions and which don’t. And consider if you might be selling a home in the next few years – the cost of the makeover vs the price of the house is an essential factor.

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