Pictionary Air

If you have fond memories of family game nights playing Pictionary the old pen and paper way then you are going to get excited about their newest edition: Pictionary Air. Their latest edition brings everything you love about your classic childhood game in the tech world.

Why is the new tech version of Pictionary Air better?

It is a lot more travel friendly with only a drawing wand and cards to bring around with you. This is especially important if you love to bring your game collection to your friends houses.

It brings the game into everyone’s hand via their great little app anyone can download. Of course you can also project it onto your TV for those in the family who aren’t especially tech friendly.

It also brings everyone down to ONE drawing level. Learning to draw with the air wand can take a bit of practice which means those in your family who had an art advantage will no longer have that. Don’t worry though after a bit you will get the hang of it and things will get a lot easier.

My Tips For When You Play

Place at least one device on a tripod – the steadier your device the easier it will pick up a drawing. The more you more holding your device the more you will mess up the drawing trying to be created.

Always charge your devices! I can’t stress this enough, pre plan and make sure things are charged and ready to go. That includes a back up battery for your pictionary air wand.

With all that in mind you will be set to play with your family for hours on end, the perfect addition to any family game collection. If you are on the hunt for this game you can find it for under $30 in most stores like Indigo, Target, Toys R Us etc…

When was the last time you played Pictionary?

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