Nail Polish With Suncoatgirl

When I was a little girl I loved playing with nail polish…. of course in the 80s and 90s there were no water based nail polishes. For me and other kids my age that meant playing with harsh chemicals and making permanent messes with big girl polishes. In fact I remember leaving a nice big red puddle on a coffee table one day as a kid.

But guess what??

Suncoatgirl has come up with an incredible solution that any little nail polish fans will love. An awesome DIY water based nail polish kit that will help you and your little ones get creative in the beauty department. That means your little one can make tons of amazing colors, use them and have no fear of harsh chemicals and smells.

Canadian-made Suncoatgirl water-based nail polishes, offering safe and non-toxic nail polish options that your little ones are going to love. BONUS snagging it for them for the holidays will mean you are supporting Canadian businesses which has nothing but a positive effect on our economy! The DIY Colour Creation Kit won a NPPA Award and the nail polish colour mixing kit comes with 5 empty polish bottles, as well as 5 colours (yellow, red, blue, black, white) for mixing. Since the polish is water based your little one can try out TONNES of color combinations throughout a day with no harmful effects or harsh smells.

Suncoatgirl is a great idea for any little one who loves to get creative in the beauty department. This will make any little one happy Christmas morning or even before Christmas so they can get ready with mom for all the holiday dinners you have planned. After all, they may get super good at painting nails and you will never have to do your own ever again!

You can find these kids for under $25 online and in stores like Toys R Us and many others.


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