PNE PlayLand

Halloween is an exciting time of year and one of the reasons I love it here in Vancouver is because of Fright Nights at PNE Playland. There is no better date night than getting a little scared at Fright Nights at PNE Playland, they really know how to create an incredible experience for those 13+. Of course for us adults we also have the added bonus of being able to enjoy a few drinks while walking around the park.

They will be unleashing monsters and mysterious creatures to haunt and terrify the public starting Oct. 4th! PNE has setup 8 haunted houses, 20 gripping rides (including The BeastAtmosFEAR and the Wooden Roller Coaster) and three nightly performances by Guinness World Record holders Monsters of Schlock, running until October 31st. With amazing staff in full costume and in full character you are bound to have a memorable evening.

IF You Are A Scaredy-Cat Remember…

NONE of the characters are allowed to touch you, and YOU are not allowed to touch them so try not to worry too much.

You can enjoy the park even if you don’t like haunted houses. There are plenty of characters out and about walking in the park, lots of great rides, amazing shows and great drinks.

The more scared you react to the characters walking around, the more fun they will want to have with you. So have a big smile and look like they’re not scaring you and they wont think its fun to play tricks on you. IF you do happen to have a good reaction to being scared expect to have it happen a few times as they’re having fun at work too.

Don’t worry if you get scared and run off – they have an online map to help you get around to all the places so create a meeting spot with your friends etc.. JUST in case.

So if you are looking for a great way to get into that Halloween spirit then this is the perfect way to do it here in Vancouver. Getting tickets online in advance as they do sell out on popular evenings. Remember guests are not allowed to wear costumes of any kind as safety is a big concern at these events there is always a heavy police presence at entry and throughout the park.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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