Miniature Graveyard Garden

** This post was sponsored by Gardenworks Canada – creation is my own. **

Last week I was given an incredible opportunity to work with the wonderful folks at Gardenworks Canada on a spooky project I have been thinking about. I had managed to get my hands on a mini greenhouse from my local Buy Nothing group on Facebook and I was hit with sudden inspiration. What if I created my very own Halloween garden? A miniature graveyard garden, perfect for anyone’s space: big or small.

As a gardener I love to garden all year round thanks to my solarium space and over 100 plants. But not everyone has the space I have so I wanted to create something awesome just in time for Halloween that anyone can enjoy. Whether you have an apartment and only a small countertop to share with plants, let me show you how you can do that while creating some lovely Halloween decor. Or maybe you just want a garden that speaks to your gothic soul.

Since my little green house was white I knew my first step, before shopping, was a quick coat of spray paint that I borrowed from my good friend Ava to Zoe. Once that was done it was time to head down to my favorite local store: Gardenworks Canada.

With all the kind staffs help I managed to collect a wonderful bunch of plants – perfect for this project I had in mind. I wanted to make sure that everything in my DIY miniature graveyard garden has the perfect spooky feel and I think I accomplished that perfectly with all their help and guidance.

Miniature Graveyard Garden

What plants did I include in my miniature graveyard garden?

Miniature Weeping Cedar – Gardenworks has a wide variety of miniature trees that are perfect for any fairy gardens you are working on. Of course in this case we wanted something that would work great as a focal point in our own miniature graveyard garden. So instead of a perky and perfectly pruned mini pine or myrtle tree I wanted something a bit more character which is how we landed on the mini weeping cedar tree. This tree adds the perfect spooky feel to our little scene and I can’t suggest them more highly.

Brass Buttons – Over in the back there I have placed some lovely moss that is a deep purply/brown and green moss that is a great ground cover. Not only are its colors amazing for this project it has a lovely feel to it making it a good option if you are making any sensory gardens. I even managed to save a little bit of it for my outdoor garden space after washing roots and making a careful separation.

Black Mondo Grass – The black mondo grass is a great idea if you are looking for a great color change in your outdoor garden. In this case we wanted to add it into our miniature graveyard for a little height in our other corner space. You can really get creative with different grasses between colors and feel they can add a wonderful aspect to your space.

Creeping Wire Vine – This vine was a suggestion of Gardenworks and they were so right about it. This lovely vine has a great look to it and its flowers are almost jello like in feel and appearance. Their white and black jelly flowers make for a sure unique look to our little garden and I think this is one of my new favorite vines. It is so unique and so delicate I am totally in love.

Miniature Graveyard Garden

Cobweb Chicken & Hens – We have all heard of the regular chicken & hens but these beauties make their own fluffy webbing all over it. If you are a math nerd you will also love it for its ability to stick to the golden ratio so beautifully. So of course I had to make sure it was apart of my little graveyard, in fact it made the perfect home for my the little spider I made.

Once I fully washed everyone’s roots it was simple to start putting everything together in just the right places. Making sure each was perfectly cozy in their new little homes my Miniature Graveyard Garden was ready for all its little details. I managed to make pumpkins, tombstones and a little spider out of, what I used to call as a kid, fimo. A type of molding clay you can cook to harden and it was the perfect medium. Of course Gardenworks does have a small selection of Halloween items you can choose to use I wanted to create something unique.

You can also get a wide variety of colored stones in all different sizes to help create your pathways, or maybe you want to add some colored moss to add a little something special. However you want your little graveyard to look; Gardenworks is there to help!

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