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If you thought all there was to pumpkins were strictly orange you have been mislead my friends. My recent visit to my local GardenWorks taught me something HUGE about Halloween: my past pumpkin selection has been sorely lacking. Having only really seen silly gourds and orange pumpkins while out and about rushing around during the holidays I had no idea I could find so many more amazing options.

White Pumpkins – these glorious colored pumpkins will really add something special to your spooky gothic Halloween look this year. IF you do decide to go down the white pumpkin road know there is a shortage this year so the sooner you can get your hands on them the better! Do expect the prices to reflect that shortage though – but they will look amazing and it will be completely worth it.

Pink Pumpkins – you heard me, if you are looking to stick to a princess theme of any kind this year or you just want to be unique then a pink pumpkin could be the perfect idea for you. They come in all kinds of larger shapes, I didn’t see any small pink ones, that can add a certain something to whatever your decor ideas may be this year. They would definitely make a great addition to any centerpieces you may want to create this Thanksgiving.

Gardenworks Canada

Yellow Pumpkins – Out of all the fun pumpkins I think this one is my favorite as they do resemble large lemons which made me laugh the hardest. These would look great on a door step alternating with their orange brothers or even some white to really create something unique leading up to your doorway. Halloween should be a lot of fun for everyone and that includes decorating and these yellow pumpkins are the definition of fun.

Classic Orange Pumpkins – Of course you will always need your classic orange pumpkins for the kids and everything else in between and Gardenworks Canada has a beautiful selection of them. From HUGE to tiny they will have an orange pumpkin perfect for all your jack-o-lantern needs.

Tiny Pumpkins – perfect for centerpieces and for tiny kids paint projects Gardenworks Canada has a great selection of tiny pumpkins of all kinds. Not only are they great for your tables they are great for your kids and of course for our front steps they are also great for creating really unique carved pumpkins. Just check out online what you can find using big and mini carved pumpkins in combination. Do something neat and really blow your neighbors away!

Gourds – Not only are pumpkins a great idea for Halloween and Thanksgiving but so are gourds. Gourds come in all shapes, sizes, colors and varying degrees of wartiness. The weirder the better with gourds and they have a beautiful collection that you don’t want to miss out on for any of your holiday displays.

There are so many things you can do with pumpkins during the holidays and I hope that Gardenworks and myself helped to inspire you to do something amazing this year! With the right variety of pumpkins and some great twinkle lights you hardly need to even carve them – you can easily let their beauty speak for itself. Walking around my local store they had lots of displays with great ideas in them just check them out.

Of course don’t forget to bring the kids as they even have some great spots where you can get some super cute pictures of your little ones in their best fall clothes!

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