Hocus Pocus

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During Halloween one of my all time favorite movies to enjoy, other than Nightmare Before Christmas, is Hocus Pocus. Like all things 80s/90s these days the Sanderson sisters are coming back into the spotlight which means a lot of awesome fandom products that you wont want to miss out on. Most of my list is wearable below so be prepared to add to your Halloween clothing collection.

Hocus Pocus

Spinster Quote Sanderson Sister Shirt

This amazing shirt speaks for itself. We can all remember this part of the movie and all of us will giggle at it. This is a great shirt for the everyday during the month of October.

Drink Up Witches Shirt

We all know that during the month of October we all get invited to fair bit of parties and that means we are usually having a few drinks. That means we all need a new drinking shirt and this one is perfect for your inner witch.

Home Decor Gift Pillow Cover Bed and Breakfast Hocus Pocus Movie Quote 18x18inch Machine Washable

Sanderson B&B Pillow

Nothing says welcome like a Sanderson sister bed and breakfast themed pillow, perfect for your couch this Halloween season! Nothing will make the kids behave more than a pillow like this on their couch.

Thackery Binx mug

For every little girl who ended up with a little crush on the real boy version of Thackery Binx this mug is for you. It will remind you of that dashing young man with an cute accent and huge amounts of bravery!

You Can’t Sit With Us shirt

This shirt speaks for itself, they are too cool, this shirt is too cool and I don’t even know if anyone of us deserve it. What am I saying of course we do, in fact maybe a couple in case I spill coffee on one.

Glorious Morning Mug

Speaking of coffee you may need something themed to enjoy your homemade pumpkin spice lattes. Or you know regular coffee for those of us who can’t stand that stuff. I mean isn’t this the most perfect mug for a monday morning?! Hocus Pocus quotes are perfect for a monday morning filled with kids.

I Put A Spell On You Mug

I love this mug, it is not only cute but it stands to be a good warning to those who try to talk to us before we have had our morning coffee. Maybe the spell is that little extra splash of spiced rum you put in your coffee that no ones knows about LOL.

Tonight We Fly Shirt

The best part of Hocus Pocus was the fact that not all of them got to ride on a broom. I always loved the woman with the ride on vacuum cleaner, granted I always thought it would have been more funny if they made hers the fastest ride!

I Smell Children Doormat

Nothing says welcome during the trick-or-treat season like this awesome doormat. The kids who get it will be the ones you give the most candy to this year, give raisins too the ones who don’t like it.

Bunch of Hocus Pocus shirt

Love this shirt, speaks for itself and the fabric on this one I can tell you is super comfy. I really like the light soft cotton and the design on this shirt is perfect, just the right touch of color for our dark little souls.

I hope this list inspires you to wear all things Hocus Pocus this year!

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