NightMare Before Christmas

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One of my favorite movies growing up as a kid was Nightmare Before Christmas, I was Sally for a solid 5 years when I was a kid, the rest of the time I was catwoman. I loved Tim Burton and everything he touched and I am so thrilled, now that I am adult, they are coming out with even more amazing items featuring my favorite characters from Nightmare Before Christmas.

Halloween Town Doormat

Every home needs a little touch of Halloween and what better way to do than then upon your guests arrival. Let them know right away that they are about to encounter a home filled with everything Halloween. Nothing says “This is Halloween” better than a themed doormat.

Jack & Sally Salt and Pepper Shakers

Because who doesn’t need a Jack & Sally shaker set in their lives?? I mean what a wonderful idea for anyone you know getting married this October. Or just for insane people like myself who need ZERO (see what I did there???) excuse to have these out all year round. These beauts are an investment, after all they star in a Halloween AND Christmas movie so that is a solid 4 months of usage each year.


Jack & Sally Teacup Set

For those of you who love to have tea time in style these teacups are the perfect addition to any collection you might be creating. My favorite of these two is definitely Jack’s with the many different expressions of his all over the saucer that pairs with it. These would make a great gift for any Nightmare Before Christmas fan. Right now it is even 19% off on Amazon…..

Toothy Terror Trinket/Candy Dish

Do I really need to tell you why you need this for Halloween this year?? To me it speaks for itself as it is the most fabulous thing I have ever seen. This little masterpiece would look amazing on any table and for any party you might be throwing this year!

Jack Skellington Expressions Cookie Jar

There is so much to love about Jack and his many many MANY expressions is definitely one of them. This ceramic cookie jar has each and every face that Tim Burton lovingly made for Jack and that makes it perfect for your Halloween collection!

Sally Dress Throw Pillow Cover

To add a little more Halloween around your home in a sweet and subtle way the Sally dress pillow covers are a marvelous idea. Not everyone will get the reference, but those who do will be the best of people.

Oogie Boogie Piggy Bank

Oogie Boogie is the cutest little bad guy to ever hit the film world and I love him to death. He was the perfect amount of creepy with the right dash of fun and they sure do many him adorable for this little piggy bank.

Uhomate Jack & Sally Wall Art

Now maybe you are looking for something that isn’t strictly Halloween but can show your love for this little fandom all year round. Then this lovely piece of wall art might be exactly what you need for your collection and for your bedroom decor!

Jack & Sally Mug Set

If you are like me then you know you can’t seem to collect enough adorable mugs. These I totally bought without a second thought and I now have to go through my other mugs and ditch a couple in order to make room… that is how much of a problem I have with mug collecting. Anyways these are cute and we all should have them cause they’re awesome.

Jack & Sally Shower Curtains

That is right ALL the different kinds of shower curtains you can possibly imagine with Nightmare Before Christmas theme and they’re all so beautiful you are bound to find one that is perfect for style!

Nightmare Before Christmas Yahtzee

Your favorite game made so much better with your favorite Nightmare Before Christmas characters. Plus it is just fun to shake the dice inside Jack’s skull as I imagine he would play in much the same fashion.

Jack & Sally Clock

Do you need a conversation piece for your house of maybe just a romantic gift for your Nightmare Before Christmas obsessed partner?? Then look no further cause this (under $20) idea is perfect for you and for them!

Jack Skellington Wall Art

Need something edgy for your house but are also consumed by your fandom?? Then this piece could be the perfect thing for you house or your teens room. I am totally in love with it and am desperately trying to think of a way to make it work in my house.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack SkellingtonAdult Plush Slippers Winter Shoes Soft Stuffed Toys 26.5cm

Jack Skellington Slippers

Halloween should also be comfortable and that means you all need these slippers in your lives. These beauties are perfect for that angsty family member you have no idea what to get. THESE, get them these.

Nightmare Before Christmas Coloring Book

Who doesn’t love to color?? That’s right I don’t know a single person who doesn’t enjoy coloring so this is a great idea for any Nightmare fans out there that you know. Cause everyone likes to unwind and color in their favorite things on a super stressful day.

I hope all of you found as many things as I did for this years collection!!

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