Cry Babies

If you have a little one in you house that is obsessed with babies and dolls then I have found a great new collection of toys for you. The new line of collectible toys, that come in both big and small versions, Cry Babies are going to have your kids tickled pink. Their small versions are a great idea for stocking stuffers, gifts and so much more and each of them come with their own adorable little houses filled with little accessories.

They have tons of different looks which is what will make collecting and trading them so much fun! With their stylish little homes your little ones will love setting them up to play together; building their own little cities and villages with their new little cry baby friends.

Cry Babies

Of course their bigger Cry Babies are even more adorable and way better for hugging and getting cuddles. Their box is even a car seat which you and your little one will love when driving around with your newest family addition. With their adorable little jumpsuits your little one will be begging for matching outfits and each of the different characters. My two favorites are definitely the Unicorn and the Flamingo. I have heard there is a Dragon one out there that I admit I totally want.

Cry Babies are going to be one of this years must have toys so make sure to snag them before they run out for the holidays! Not only are they cute these little babies even cry, that is right you can now give your kids a taste of their own medicine. All those sleepless tear filled nights you had to experience can now be theirs too – a hilarious way to get a little pay back.

Another perk about these awesome toys is their TV series. Not only can your little ones play with these toys they can now go ahead and watch all their adventures as well as get to know each of the babies personalities.

Make sure to get one online or in stores before the holidays!

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