Goo Goo Galaxy

The most adorable toy in the universe has finally landed on earth and they have come all the way from Goo Goo Galaxy! These adorable little toys are going to blow your little ones minds when they see and play with them. They have crash-landed on Earth and are looking for a new home. The Goo Drops’ squishy, jiggly bellies.

Filled with some of their home galaxy – just giving them a squeeze reveals their sparkling, glittery galaxy moving about inside them! Your little ones can unbox their Goo Pod to discover what their new friend have brought with them from space – a DIY Galactic Slime Activity! The Goo-to-Go is an out of this world D.I.Y activity that you can mix, make and display!

These sweet little aliens will have your kids over the moon with excitement to name them and give them each their own story. Making the Goo Goo Galaxy slime with their new friend makes this toy something special. Your proud alien owning kid can easily display their galaxy slime for a long while in the cute little cup it gives you.

Your little one can pretend they need the slime for alien food to help their little friend grow strong and shine bright. Created by the Red Planet Group these will make a wonderful gift idea for any little one with a big imagination. With this notice you will be able to help these little buddies maybe land under the Christmas tree this year.

Goo Goo Galaxy

Thankfully these little guys have landed all over at local retailers: Toys R Us, The Bay, Walmart, Indigo and so many other great spots to snag some of those Christmas wish list items. For under $20 you can make your little one a very happy little interstellar traveler!

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