It can be one of the most exciting times in your life when you are pregnant. You may find yourself daydreaming of your life as a new family. You might wonder what the new baby will look like and how you will adjust to motherhood. Getting that positive pregnancy may have been long awaited. The symptoms you start to feel may drain you, excite you or have you running to the bathroom. Pregnancy can certainly be an up and down mixture of emotions for sure.

However, there are so many exciting things that you can plan during your pregnancy. The baby shower, finding out the gender and coming up with some creative way to share the news and then there’s the fun stuff. So there is no surprise that decorating the baby’s new nursery is one of the highlights of pregnancy. It allows you to better prepare yourself for what lies ahead. So if you are in this position, then this article is for you. With that in mind, here are some of the best ways you can turn a room into a nursery you are proud of.

Start with a blank canvas and plan

One of the best ways to start with a decorating project is to have a blank canvas. So pick the room, and clear it of everything that won’t be staying. This is a great way for you to focus on the space you have and can also enable you to better plan how you want things to look. For people who struggle with visualizing the end result, this can give you a better chance than it would if you had to imagine things not in the space. If you can, draw up some plans as well so you know where the crib might go, wardrobes,a changing station if you are having one. This can help you to understand what you want and need as well.

Consider the furniture 

The furniture will be your biggest expense in the room. So it is vital to make the right choice. Some people buy things they don’t need so try and stick with the basics. You can always purchase something after if you think you need it. You will need somewhere for them to sleep. So a crib is obviously one of the choices here, but it isn’t just the frame, you also need to consider the purchase of a crib mattress and bed linen as well. You will need somewhere to store their clothes and baby items, so either a decent set of drawers, a wardrobe or both if you have the space. You might also want to consider somewhere to sit for nighttime feeding. A great tip would be to look online for some inspiration or ask friends who have had children if there were any nursery essentials they recommended.

Have you got a theme in mind?

The next thing to consider would be the decoration. Some people like to stick to a theme, whether that is a colour scheme or something more specific. Some parents choose disney or something specific to the gender of the baby. This all might depend on whether you know what you are having. But there are plenty of options to consider that are more gender neutral. In regards to colours yellow and green seem to be popular, along with the usual pink and blue choices. However, Monochrome is a big trend at the moment for decoration and you might want something a little more fashionable and modern or a theme that might go with the interior decoration of the rest of your home. There are some wall decals you could buy, prints that you can hang, which will enable you to easily change up the theme as and when you want.

Don’t go overboard with the new baby clothes

It can be so easy to get carried away buying little outfits but try and restrain yourself a little. The first thing to remember is that babies grow at an alarming rate so tend to grow out of clothes quickly. Secondly, you will find that lots of people gift your clothes as a baby gift. If you want to buy clothes try and buy some in larger sizes instead, so you are prepared for the months ahead. You can then store these away nicely in your wardrobes for when the time comes and they are needed. This can often be the biggest temptation, so if you do want to buy clothes for those first few weeks stick with some of the basics.

Try and organize as much as possible

Try and get yourself organized ahead of the arrival of your newborn. This will help you in those early days. Try and create a changing station where you have everything you need, many people like to include caddy’s with this full of things such as nappies, wipes, anti-bacterial solutions and creams. You might also want to create a dressing area and bathing area. This will mean you have everything you could need to hand in those early days where you are running on little sleep and energy. Plus it will keep things tidy.

Think of storage options

Finally, think of some storage options. You will be surprised with how much your new baby will need. So keep things organized and tidy with storage boxes and shelves. This is when your furniture purchases can be key, so having drawers for things and a wardrobe to keep all of those clothing essentials neat and tidy. Another thing to think about would be organizational trays and baskets that you keep in cupboards and drawers. For example, a box or basket dedicated to bath essentials, another dedicated for nappy changing. It can be the small things that make life much easier, and storing them away keeps them tidy and neat. There are some excellent suggestions on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

Let’s hope this helps you if you are planning on decorating a nursery and bringing your vision to life.

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