Here in Vancouver you can always catch something filming around the city, it is one of the perks to living in one of the worlds filming hotspots. So when they told me that Disney Descendants 3 was filmed all over B.C. I wasn’t super surprised. Afterall we have so many amazing places all over our province that I knew were perfect for Disney Descendants.

Since they are just as proud to be filming in the city as we are to have them they have put something really special together for all their amazing Descendants fans. Partnering with Tourism Vancouver they have created a completely interactive augmented reality experience that will take you on a journey all over Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

How Do You Play?

Well all you have to do is download the QuestUpon App and select Descendants 3 to see all the fun you can have with your little Descendants fans. This Vancouver based app has a been downloaded over 250 million times since it launched in 2011 – creating incredible experiences for all of us all over B.C.

Of course on this journey you are following along with the characters on a wild adventure to see all the sites and filming locations of the movie itself. Getting opportunities to see your fav characters in real life and even take pictures of and with them! We had an amazing time at the event checking it out with all the kids and they were all having a great time playing the AR quests!

Photo by Stephen Pearce

Of course when we attended the event they had to spoil us while showing us all the fun our kids can have with the Disney Descendants 3 AR experience all over Vancouver. They also spoiled us with visits from actual cast members, incredible themed food and of course a showing of the movie in our own private theatre!

Photo by Stephen Pearce
Photo by Stephen Pearce
Photo by Stephen Pearce

It was truly a magical Disney experience and I am thrilled that we can share a little bit of the magic all the time now via the incredible augmented reality experience they have created for all their fans.

So if you haven’t seen the movie get out there and do it and join in on all the fun!

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