2019 PNE Food Line Up

Today, during some crazy Summer Vancouver rain, I had the chance to sample some of the amazing 2019 PNE food line up and believe you me I was excited. I arrived with an empty belly and so excited to dig into all the great stuff they have for food this year: both old and new. With all our umbrellas up us media couldn’t wait to dig in and one of the first things I started with this morning was one of their amazing Tipsy Unicorns. A drink I got to know pretty well at the last adult night I attended not too long ago.

neFAIRious by Parallel 49
This delicious light beer is the perfect drink to wash down any of the fair food at the PNE this year. I was super happy with it, it was smooth not too hoppy and definitely quenched my thirst. Knowing that they worked in partnership with the PNE through the whole creation process really does make this beer a one of a kind special that you have to try while at the fair this year.

Cheesy Ramen Dog by Corn Dog King
This bad boy corn dog is definitely something else and you are going to love it. If you love gooey hot cheese, ramen noodles and corn dogs then this will be a no brainer must eat for this year. It is a BIG boy so you might want to consider sharing if you are planning on sampling more than one thing at the fair.

Dill Pickle Pizza by Rick’s Pizza
Coming to us all the way from Florida this pizza is something I really loved. I was skeptical at first but once I tried it I was totally blown away and you will be too. You will be begging for the recipe and the know how on how they make it soooooo mouthwateringly good. What is in that sauce?? What is in the dill spice mix they use?!? I have so many questions and this is one item I will 100% be going back to eat.

Deep Fried Chicken Skins by Tin Lizzy Concessions
Now we have all been guilty of it, we have all snuck some chicken skin when someone wasn’t looking. That little treachery tasted oh so good and Tin Lizzy Concessions is giving you all the glory with zero guilt. I do have to admit these were good but I wished they were seasoned a little more, for the most part they were bland but supremely crispy so perhaps the lack of seasoning was an oversight for the event.

Jimmy’s Lunch Burger by Jimmy’s Lunch
Any local who has been to the PNE knows the amazing smell of onions coming from Jimmy’s Lunch spot. One of the only places you can snag a bit AND a seat undercover these iconic burgers are always a delicious and reliable choice. These burgers are juicy, the onions are perfect and they’ve been made at the PNE for 4 generations now!

Freakk Fries
I really wanted to love Freakk Fries and the owners are amazing and bubbly and incredible – they’re worth a try for sure especially if you are looking for something fun to share. But I found the fries a little lacking in freshness – they were a little dense and I found the sauces made the fries cold. I also noticed that once the first layer of fries were complete you were left with some dry no flavor fries. The sauce combinations are great, if you are going to go for it try their garlic Parmesan or their chocolate!

Rice Burger
Now they ended on a great note with Rice Burger not only are they an energetic crew their food is sooo good. I do suggest eating their burgers with a fork and open faced just for ease or for sharing! Definitely don’t leave their booth without trying their popcorn chicken. Their sweet and spicy sauce on it is orgasmic and you’ll wish you could buy them out and have the chicken forever. This is a for sure must eat.

After a morning of all this great food and amazing friends I was waddling my way out of there and couldn’t wait for a quick nap once I got home. After all I started all of this at 9am this morning!

Tell me what are you going to try this year at the PNE?

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