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I was recently given the chance to host a couple of amazing girls from Texas and it got me thinking about all the amazing things we have to do in Vancouver. I wanted to show them the sites and suggest to them some of the other amazing places to check out in our city! So once they headed home and I got their feedback I create this amazing post to help any of you with visiting guests or relatives. After all we want to make the most of our time together and that means finding great stuff to do that sticks to your budget no matter what it might be. So here are 5 things you have to do in Vancouver as a tourist for any budget.

Stanley Park

One of Vancouver’s most famous parks this is a place you can spend an entire day. You can easily find bike rentals for about $30-$40/day which is always a fun and faster way to explore the views along the outside of the park. Many don’t know just how much you can get up to inside the park itself. You can lawn bowl, go golfing, play cricket, have a picnic at sunset, visit the Vancouver Aquarium or even head to a show at Theatre Under the Stars. There is always something to do and always gorgeous views to look at any time of year in Stanley Park. Outside of rentals, admissions and food the park itself is free to enjoy.

Queen Elizabeth Park + Bloedel Observatory

Another one of Vancouver’s famous parks this one doesn’t have as many amenities but it is a gorgeous spot to spend a day. With a incredible collection of plants

and trees, a waterfall and incredible views into downtown it really will take your breath away. And for no cost you can play in the fountains, check out the plants have a picnic and just enjoy the park itself. BUT if you really want to add on to that for UNDER $10 then head into Bloedel and check out their incredible collection of tropical plants and birds! If you head there on the right day and season you can even catch a baseball game close by and really make a day of it.

FlyOver Canada

If you know you have guests that aren’t just interested in Vancouver but want to see even more of Canada then something really fun and touristy to do is FlyOver Canada. This 4D interactive show is a great way to spend an hour with family and friends when in town. Us locals love all the seasonal themes they put together and we love how close it is historical Gastown making it a great Segway into a great walking tour.

Vancouver Hike

If you are visiting during Summer or Spring you have to take the time to check out one of the thousands of brilliant hikes we have in our area. We have so many to choose from whether you want to see lakes, views from mountains, specific animals and anything else you can think of. Best part about doing one of our great hikes is that they wont cost you a thing outside of time, snacks and sweat and all of them are worth the effort. If you are here during the snowy season you can always strap on some snowshoes and go hiking in the mountains – we even have guided tours with chocolate!

Gastown Food Tour

Gastown + Robson + Davie St.

If you are into checking out great neighborhoods of the downtown core there are three main ones you really need to check out. Gastown being the most historic and oldest part of the downtown core. There is so much to learn and eat here I highly suggest a food walking tour to get you through or have a knowledgeable friend with you. Robson is our hottest shopping district so if you love to shop high end then this is the place you will want to be. It is also great if you like to check out super expensive cars and tiny dogs. Davie st. is our LGBTQ+ community area and it is BUMPING! Legit one of the funnest areas of the downtown core and always filled with friendly faces and young beach goers. If you love Caesars then you will want to hit up the score where you will get one of the wildest and biggest our city has to offer.

Of course this barely covers it for things to do in Vancouver but I hope it will help you figure out what to do based on what we loved to do with our house guests.

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