Have a little budding veterinarian on your hands? Then I have the perfect series of toys for you: Rescue Runts. These fuzzy big eyed little cuties are perfect for your big eyed cutie! They are all in need of a little help and your little one will love to give them all the love they need over and over again. These adoptable little pets are ready for all your little ones love and attention and with all their aliments they need it!

Each Rescue Runt comes with grooming kit to help your little one take care of their fleas, injuries and fur. They’re the cutest little ears even have wires in them so you they can go from floppy and sad to upright and ready to go play! Filled with hours of fun this these little pups come in a number of different breeds so you are bound to find one that will make your little one as happy as can be.

Available at Toys ‘r’ Us  and other major retailers online this fall so make sure to snag one early so you can sneak it under the tree this Winter. Or maybe you are looking for a nurturing pet to help with kindergarten transitions. These little animals who need help could be exactly what your little one needed when it comes to back to school anxieties.

I remember the days of fawning over my cute fluffy stuffies and caring for each and everyone of them. They all had such great personalities in my own little world and those memories I wouldn’t replace for the world. Having a little something to care for might be the perfect idea for that little someone how has been begging for a real pet of their own. A little slice of responsibility as they fill out their little adoption cards and name their pets.

Check them out this fall!


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