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When it comes to the best home design features when raising a family, it’s often overwhelming to consider attractive and stylish features when all you’re worrying about is whether everything is child-proof and how long it’s going to take to clean up that mess. Having a messy, lived-in home is all part of raising a happy family, and it’s never going to stay pristine and clean – and that’s okay!  There are many great things you can do as part of creating a family friendly home.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Furniture which can do lots of things will be your best friend with a budding family, especially when it comes to furniture which offers a lot of storage space. Consider an ottoman, which is a great place to hide away messy toys but also a comfy spot to rest your aching feet or double as a coffee table!

For your kids’ bedrooms, consider a day bed which has plenty of drawers and storage underneath, or fold down items such as tables on hinges which can be attached to the wall and folded away when not needed!

There are so many quirky designs these days that you’ll be spoiled for choices when it comes to adaptable and fun furniture.

Hire a Professional Decorator

Being a busy parent means you might never find the time to decorate your home like you want it to be done. There’s nothing wrong in seeking outside help, especially when you have your hands full raising a family! Hiring a professional decorator also means that you can rest easy knowing that everything is done correctly and safely with the right tools, so you don’t have to worry about missing a spot or wondering how you’re going to balance to reach the high walls at the top of the stairs!

You can find interior painting services online to compare prices and get the best estimates for what you’d like to do.

Use Chalkboard Paint

Growing children love to explore and get creative, especially when it comes to drawing on each and every surface, and usually on walls that you’ve just had freshly painted. To avoid the drama and the worry, why not have a designated artistic spot where you can paint one of the walls using chalkboard paint and have your kids let out their creative pent up energy whenever they like. Easily cleaned and worry-free.

With chalkboard paint being black, it’s a good idea to set up your wall in a large and bright room with lots of natural light, or else have the rest of the walls painted in a lighter color, so as not to feel too oppressed by the black paint!

turned-on lights outside houses

Have a Dedicated Outside Space

Spending time outdoors in the fresh air with your kids is as important as having a comfortable home to spend time in together. If you have a garden, then you could set up a vegetable patch or a new flowerbed which you can develop and tend with your kids to encourage a family bonding activity. If you have an outside yard or decking area, you could buy your own flowerpots and plant your flowers that way.

This idea is also great for teaching your kids valuable lessons for caring for something and watching what can happen as a result of your hard work! Your kids can also choose the type of flowers they’d like to grow.

Move the fun inside with indoor plants, too.

Choose Durable Fabrics

Colorful fabrics are great for any home, and provide a cozy, warm atmosphere. Younger children will also love playing with soft accessories such as cushions and throws. Naturally, your fabrics are going to be subjected to a lot of wear and tear (and most probably spillages) when it comes to being handled by your children. You shouldn’t have to eliminate fabrics altogether from your home in order to prevent mess, but you should actively try to find the most easily-wipeable and washable fabrics on the market.

You can also consider things like couch covers to pull over your precious seating area when play time is due, or easily removable cushion covers that can be thrown in the washing machine.

You could even get creative and buy blank fabrics and some fabric paint and have your family create some new designs – this means you can have those as the designated toy fabrics, too! Meaning mom’s favorite expensive cushion should be left well alone.

A family-friendly space needn’t be a cause for concern for homeowners wanting a multi-functioning space with style to boot. With some clever additions, an open mind and practical choices you can easily create the perfect home that works for everyone.

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