waste to wonder

The amount that we waste each year is always a shock when you see it all compiled together. If you collected all the shoes you have tossed in your life or plastic bottles used you would probably be pretty disappointed in what you saw. This is why I am super excited about the Waste to Wonder Exhibit coming to Metropolis at Metrotown.

Not only will this incredible exhibit, brought to life by Ocean Sole Africa a Kenya-based social enterprise that “upcycles” flip-flop waste and turns it into animal art sculptures. These incredible sculptures are something to be marveled at and from August 8 to September 8th you will be able to check them out in the Grand Court of Metropolis at Metrotown. Not only will your family be able to marvel at these beautiful pieces you will be able to start a conversation about conservation in your household. Take a moment to explain where the materials came from to create these beautiful things and the species our waste is affecting.

Waste to Wonder

The Waste to Wonder exhibit consists of five life-size sculptures of Canadian at-risk wildlife (the narwhal, orca, bison, grizzly, and caribou), each of them made from recycled flip flops. More than 6,500 flip flops in total were used to make the sculptures, requiring 2,500+ hours of work by more than two dozen artists. The best part about this whole exhibit is that each of these awe-inspiring and poignant works of art are going to be up for auction with proceeds to be donated to Variety – the Children’s Charity.

waste to wonder

To go along with this awesome exhibit Metropolis at Metrotown will be holding a recycling drive – perfect to help us all get our families thinking about how we as individuals need to improve. You can come explore the exhibit, participate in a DIY upcycle workshop, or bring your plastics in for recycling at the Metropolis Plastics Recycling Drive. Of course you can find out more about all the separate events they will be holding HERE.

On top of all that fun and excitement they will also be holding 2 BIG CONTESTS while the exhibit is being showcased. $1000 shopping spree if you can guess the right amount of flip-flops used to create their whale AND if you share your photos using their hashtag #METwastetowonder @Metropolisatmet you could win a $500 Gift Card to the mall and over 375 store that they have!

Simple ways your family can start reducing their consumption of single-use plastics

  1. Always remember your reuse-able bags when you head to the grocery store. This is always easier said than done so I like to keep a few stashes around the house and in my purses, if I had a car there would also be a stash in there.
  2. Reusable water bottles: something that is very easily done here in Vancouver B.C. but I know not always possible in other parts of the world. But we are getting there.
  3. Opt for wax paper, or beeswax wraps for sandwiches and snacks! Say good-bye to those ziploc snack bags for good.
  4. Buy reusable mesh bags for your produce so you don’t need all those little thin plastic bags ever again. No more will you struggle to juggle your produce and try to open one of those little bags again: mesh bags are WAY easier.
  5. Trade in that plastic toothbrush for a wooden one. Not only is it more earth friendly they look a lot nicer in the bathroom as well and they are a LOT cheaper!
  6. Try shampoo and conditioner bars rather than shampoos in plastic bottles. You can even find some out there in glass bottles which are a way better option.
  7. Washcloth over loofa. Not only are loofas gross germ holders they are also always made of plastic so aim for a natural sponge or washcloth instead!

Hope those tips and this amazing exhibit will help inspire your family to think more about conservation, we have to remember we aren’t the only ones dependent on this planet.

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