Summer is the time of year when the ice cream truck haunts the streets during daylight waiting for poor parents to fork over their credit cards to please the masses of kids they’re entertaining during the hottest time of year. Face it half the time we are saying yes to the ice cream truck is because you don’t have any ice cream yourself and mama needs a hit. Don’t lie to me, you know it is true. But why not get ambitious this year? Why not create some magical moments and make some of your own super fun Summer ice cream recipes to enjoy with the kids… or alone, whatever I wont judge.

Galaxy Ice Cream by Some of This and That

If you have little astronauts in your house this just might be the perfect ice cream for your Summer fun. No matter what planet they are headed off to you’ll have a treat ready for them in time for touch down!

Unicorn Poop Ice Cream by MomDot

There isn’t a little kid out there that doesn’t like Unicorns… in fact there aren’t even that many adults that don’t love unicorns. So for the perfect crowd pleasing ice cream you might want to take a look at this great Unicorn Poop ice cream. Not only is it perfectly colored but the sprinkles are brilliant and can even be found on Amazon!

Homemade Ice Cream
Photo by MomDot Recipe by MomDot

Circus Animal Ice Cream by SugarHero

Who doesn’t love the circus?! Well if you are looking for a great themed treat for a fun day at the circus then this may just be perfect. Bonus is she teaches you how to make an adorable little white chocolate bowl that pairs with it so well. Of course you can also just go snag a few of these adorable colorful bowls that would show off the ice cream perfectly.

Birthday Cake Ice Cream [Vegan] by The Vegan 8

Summer birthdays are always fun and the only way to make it that much better is to add some birthday cake ice cream to the mix. I mean a Summer party is the perfect place to enjoy some nice cool ice cream after running around for a couple hours. With this ice cream being vegan you know you will be making everyone at the party happy!

Strawberry Mojito Kefir Ice Cream by Mumfection

Now with all these great kid ice creams you might be looking for a unique flavor all for yourself. That is where my Strawberry Mojito ice cream comes in, it is simple to make and there is no need for an ice cream maker which makes it even better.  If I can make it, you can make it.

Summer ice cream recipes
photo by MomDot recipe by MomDot

Mermaid Ice Cream by MomDot

If you are looking for one of the best Summer ice cream recipes out there for your little mermaid then this one from MomDot is for you. This no churn ice cream is great for your little wannabe mermaids! If you want to skip out on the cone you can always serve in a bowl with one of these cute themed mermaid spoons that your little ones are going to love!

Cotton Candy Ice Cream by Spaceships and Laserbeams

Summer isn’t over till the kids get cotton candy and if you don’t have a cotton candy machine like I do then you might be in search of an idea. So if you missed the chance this year at the amusement park then you will need this recipe in your life this Summer.

I hope that these Summer Ice Cream recipes will keep you and your little ones happy this Summer!

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