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We are a car free house. That means we don’t drive or own a car in our household of two adults and two kids. During the Summer you can expect that that means we are taking a lot of transit, but what a lot of people don’t think about are the challenges we can face while planning Summer vacations without owning a car or being able to drive. Especially when traveling to places like the gorgeous Islands off our coast. That is exactly where BC Ferries Connector comes into play.

BC Ferries Connector is perfect for families trying to get from the lower mainland to Victoria or even if you need a quick ride to the airport! They make the trip comfortable and simple so there is no guessing and you get to your destination when you are supposed to. There is also no missed sailings when you are hitch a ride with the connector making it an ideal option for getting to Victoria’s downtown core.


With frequent scheduling you have a great selection of times to get you where you need to go right when you need to get there. You can easily hop on right at Pacific Central Station by main skytrain station right from Bay 8. Their great drivers will check for your reservation, load your bags and you’ll be on your way! It is always best to make a reservation in advance so you are guaranteed seating for the sailing time you want – better safe than sorry so plan ahead!

This upcoming weekend we are happily jetting off to Victoria with the kids to show them all around the capital and we can’t thank BC Ferries Connector enough for helping to make our car free trip super simple. We will be packed up and ready to go for our weekend away and both the boys are so excited we are taking a comfy bus the whole way to our awesome hotel.

Have you been to Victoria? Where was your favorite spot to visit while there?

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