We are in full swing in this house, lots of crazy stuff to do: school to attend, events to plan, birthdays to plan to top off my events, the whole nine yards.  Our house has been in “go-go-go” mode since September 1st and I could tell that my boys were kinda in need of a little TLC.  Since my boys are both under six TLC equals lots of play time and even more chaos for mum, BUT that is how boys are.  To make up for all this crazy going on in our lives, I just had to figure out something that I knew would keep all of us busy and provide the kids with lots of entertainment.

You guessed it… I needed to go toy browsing… particularly something they could build over and over again in a few different ways.  Lucky for my boys I am a blogger and MegaBloks knew exactly what I needed and shipped it off to me immediately!

MegaBloks_001Oh yeah, can you see the profound awesome that is this toy?!! 3 in 1 car/monster truck, and you all know how much my two boys LOVE monster trucks!  This toy created such a fix of gleeful screams my ears are still ringing to this day.

So, after seeing this box of awesome they just had to rip into it and all of us got down to business working together as a #TeamYellow to get our monster truck put together.  From big pieces to small pieces we got everything set and ready to go and my boys have been loving it ever since!  They are even super cute by splitting the monster truck up and each playing with one, though our little driver is now missing a limb we have never been happier!  The Hotwheels and MegaBloks team up is just fantastic, and BOY can it go far!  Makes it down my entire suites hallway believe it or not but I think the VERY forceful pushes from my boys really seem to help it along a bit.

As most boys, they are pretty rough with all their toys – this one, so far,  has held up to the test!   I can honestly tell you some heavy duty remote control cars have only lasted 20 minutes in the hands of my sons so kudos for MegaBloks for creating something my children couldn’t destroy.  Honestly that is an accomplishment that deserves a medal all on its own.

megabloks_002This is a really great idea of those boys with busy hands and a love for destruction and construction.  So basically every boy ever!!!  Even my sweetheart my little pony shirt wearing little dude is a huge lover of this, his younger brother loves it (even though he is under the age requirement) so I highly suggest this as a really successful gift.  With the holidays slowly approaching I would suggest putting this idea in your back pocket, looking for sales BEFORE the holidays is key for us parents on a budget and this is a great addition to your toy box!

So tell me, what team are you on??


Disclosure: I was given this toy in exchange for this post, again thank you to MegaBloks for letting us take this monster truck for a test drive!


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