Canndora Subscription box

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Summer time means lots of adventures for your kids and for yourself – even if that means just cleaning in the woods cause you decided camping was all you were going to do this year. Whatever this Summer has in store for you, as an elevated woman, you want to make sure you are prepared with everything you need on hand. Which is exactly where the Summer Canndora Subscription Box comes into play.

Let’s take a look inside the Summer Canndora Subscription Box!

Canndora Subscription box

This Summer’s box is filled with amazing products from Hot Box – an awesome Canadian company that I have just discovered thanks to Canndora Subscription Boxes for elevated women. They have three shops in Toronto, a great online store that I may have already bought a few things from AND a great little spot in Jamaica that provides 420 vacation stays. Their items are awesome and I am excited to share them with you.

The whole Summer kit is all about being ready on the go no matter where you are going this year they want to make sure you have what you need in the cutest possible options.

HotBox Smell Proof Purse [Medium] – $60.00

When you are out and about, despite it being legal in many places and being common amongst everyone, we all still make an effort to be discreet. Of course with the better flowers out there hiding the smell can be one of the hardest things and when you are enjoying your Summer you don’t want to be worrying about perfume on the go. These awesome purses not only hold all your goodies they also hide their smell too. So if you are headed to the beach and hopping on the bus you aren’t worried about bothering your neighbors. After all some of us are sensitive to smells, regardless of what that smell is and it is best to be as courteous as possible. They’re also super cute and come in three different colors!

HotBox Vac Nug Jar – $12.00

Another great way to cut back on the smell of your delicious flower collection they also have these great Vac Nug Jars that are airtight! These are perfect for holding your stuff wherever you go and at home. Living in a shared home you need to be mindful of those also sharing your house – these are the best idea for keeping those smells to a minimum. It is also ideal for keeping your flowers fresh and the perfect moisture level for enjoyment. I can’t suggest vac jars more highly for your stash.

Canndora Subscription box

HotBox Bamboo Rolling Tray [4 x 6] – $25.00

No matter where you go this Summer you are going to need a better surface than a cellphone or your lap to roll one up when you need. You also want to keep things tidy if you are in your tent, in a hotel room or are sharing your space with children. You want to keep everything separate and clean and out of sight which is why this little bamboo tray is ideal. You can easily slip it into the smell proof done when you aren’t using it and pull it out whenever you need it. It keeps it contained, the ledges help you scoop up to roll and the bamboo is nice an soft. It is a great tray for all your rolling needs.

HotBox 40mm Metal Grinder – $15.00

Metal grinders can be heavy and plastic ones are usually unreliable for durability which is why this super cute 40mm grinder is perfect. You can keep it in your bag, it is lightweight compared to brothers and sisters and grinds really smoothly. Available in a black or green you can pop this little guy into the bottom of any purse or even pocket for an easy on the go solution. If you are really strapped for space they even have this card grinder that is pretty awesome as well which can slip into any card slot in your wallet.

Canndora Darling Pre-Rolls [Black] – $15.00

Nothing says Summer vacation better than the Canndora Darling Pre-Rolls that are available in a range of designs and colours for all elevated women. The black ones that come with this box are especially awesome with their gold filters these will bring joy to any goth girls soul. Fill it up with a high quality flower and enjoy by the pool with friends and smiles.

Get the Summer Canndora Subscription Box NOW – before its too late!

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