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I am a gardening junkie, once I got the hang of not killing plants it has become full blown issue for me. But when prime days are here I do have to admit that I get a little excited to take a peak at all the great Prime Day Garden Must Haves each and every year. This year though I wanted to go out of my way to stay up late and create fun list of all the things I have found just for you guys… and myself.

Ivolador Desktop Glass Planter Bulb Vase – 28% off

Reg. price $39.99 CDN prime day price $28.99 CDN (savings of $11.00)

Also known as a super cute propagation station for those of us who love to make new plant babies from our current collections. This is a great gift idea for any plant junkie in your life and you might want to snag a few for a couple people who are on your list throughout the year for Christmas, birthdays etc..

3 Pack Macrame Plant Hanger

Price $17.99 CDN ($2.00 off coupon offer)

There is no better way to fit more plants in your house than with hangers and lots of them. One of the most adorable hanger options out there are macrame hangers, and if you don’t know how to make these yourself then you could be looking at spending a pretty penny. Thankfully I found this pack of 3 for under $20 bucks which is a true steal regardless of the no additional prime day savings.

Mosaic Glass Bird Bath – 31% off

Reg. Price $119.26 CDN Prime Day price $81.89 CDN (savings of $37.37)

If you know someone, or are looking yourself, for more beautiful garden features then this might be right up yours and their alley. There is no better way to welcome the birds and bees to your backyard garden than with a beautiful little bird bath. This one is a lovely little hummingbird mosaic design as well and comes at 31% off!

Succulent, Cacti & Bonsai Growing Kits – 15% off

Reg. Price $32.99 CDN Prime Day price $27.99 CDN (savings of $5.00)

Now no matter what level of gardener you know or are there is a cute little growing kit for you and these kits make it super easy to succeed. Learn how to grow your own plants from seed and learn lots about yourself along the way. A great gift idea for anytime of year and now is the time to stock up for those you know who would love one of these.

Buddha Head Planter – 20% off at checkout

Reg. Price $18.54 CDN Prime Members get additional 20% off at checkout

There nothing better to me than head planters. No matter what kind I basically want them all and this 20% off at checkout for prime members really has me itching to add this 7 inch tall beauty to my collection. The crazy things you could grow in something this beautiful, you could really have a lot of fun with it.

All of the things on this list would make any plant addict happy!

If you spotted any prime day garden must haves that I missed and you think should be on this list leave them in the comments below and I will make sure to add it to the list!

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