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Summer time is here and that means both kids and adults are home a little more than usual playing more games than they usually would. With that means that all of your things are getting worn out and might be in need of a replacement. Since you might already be in the market for new electronics I wanted to make sure that you have some of the best and coolest items to browse. I mean why settle for a deal when you can get a deal and pimp your setup in the best way possible. So check out these 5 gaming electronics perfect for dressing up your gaming center.

 HAVIT Rainbow Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard + Mouse Combo Р$38.99 CDN

This gorgeous combo will make any computer setup way more magical. Whether you are a late night gamer or a late night blogger like myself this will make your heart happy any time of day. The keys are especially comfortable as well and mouse has a great fit and perfect “click” – you know that is important. The rainbow lights are the added bit of pizazz your desk has been asking for. You can get this beauty in either black or white and the white is especially gorgeous!

black corded gaming headset beside black flat screen computer monitor turned on

Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch – $19.99 CDN

IF you are planning on snagging a switch for your kids, or if they already have one you might want to consider one of these super great carrying cases. It makes it easy to keep track of all the things you need on any family vacations you are planning but it also makes it way more portable for your kids. Now they can be in charge of carrying their switch things from place to place and you don’t have to worry about them loosing anything along the way.

Micolindon Gaming Headset – $32.99 CDN

Every gamer needs a great headset and every gamer needs comfort and style when it comes to choosing your headset. This Micolindun headset is both of those things. Not only are they super comfy they look great while gaming and attending any LAN parties your kids might be headed too. They have great sound, noise cancelling and have a great mic if your kids are into gaming and sharing on Twitch or just love to game with all their friends online. Good sound both ways and a great look – perfect.

Logitech Hero High Performance Gaming Mouse – $79.00 CDN (usually $99)

Now this item is perfect for not just gamers but those of us who work on a computer most of the day. This supremely comfortable gaming mouse is perfect for any hardcore gamer or workaholic. This mouse, if you are gaming, will begin to work with you as one in a magical marriage of gaming perfection – this is a great mouse to help you improve your online game in the PC gaming world! Not only that it will look gorgeous on your desk and paired with your favorite glowing extra large gaming mouse pad.

XBERSTAR Smart Phones Mount Bracket – $14.98 CDN

This simple controller mount is perfect for the gaming husband who needs to keep an eye on his phone without the possibility of dying while gaming. There is nothing worse than getting a phone call, not being able to find your phone, or answer it without the very big chance of losing the round you are in. To minimize that death threat snagging one of these could be a real life saver.

With these you and your family will be working and gaming in style.

What gaming electronics do you swear by for your household??

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