Playmobil Mars Mission Kit

** This Playmobil Mars Mission Kit post is sponsored by Playmobil. **

If you have any little space explorers in your life then you might be in the market for some great space themed gift ideas that they can grow with and that is exactly where Playmobil comes into play. They have the perfect set for any kid in your life and recently my kids got a chance to discover Mars all thanks to Playmobil Mars Mission Kit and Mars Rover. Your space explorers can help the crew tune up and make sure everything is ship-shape via the maintenance platform!

When they arrive on the red planet, kids can operate the transport container and space capsule separate from the rocket and dock them into the Mars Space Station (sold separately). The rocket’s functioning lights and sound effects, including multi language countdown, thrusters, and space communication, bring the space action to life and light up your kids imaginations. With their large collection of online Mars Mission Comics and even online games and coloring sheets your kids will be entertained for days on end.

With endless stars and endless imagination leading them your little space explorers will be zooming through space in a second. Made for ages 6+ these will make a great toy they can collect, grow with and even one day pass on to their kids or cousin down the line. Whether they are discovering new planets throughout their galaxy or checking out new terrain in their awesome Mars Rover your kids will be filled with endless need for discovery.

Playmobil Mars Mission kit makes the best gift for any little space explorer!

Don’t worry mom and dad these kits are easy to put together if you are smaller kids you think need the extra help. Older kids can put this baby together in no time and with no help at all which makes me a very happy mommy.

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