zing bubbles

Summer time is for fun and getting out in the sun but sometimes it is still hard to get those kids off their video games and to play outside, thankfully I found something to help keep those kids happy for longer than five minutes. What is that exactly? Zing Bubbles; they have created a whole line of super fun bubble products with all the bubble solution included making them super portable and lots of fun!

Zing bubbles have three different types: Big-A-Bubbles, Wave-A-Bubbles and Glove-A-bubbles all of which come in super fun characters that your kids are going to love.


These beauties are easy to use and great if you want lots of bubbles in a more compact option. These can easily fit inside any day bag for any adventure you might be headed off on with the kids. These things will definitely draw a crowd so be prepared for lots of fun and lots of giggling kids enjoying all the fun.


If you want BIG bubbles and your kids do too then these are what you are looking for. You can create huge bubbles with ease with these beauties and my boys loved them – I do have to admit there just wasn’t enough bubble solution. Honestly though, with kids, is there ever enough? These bubbles will get some big OOOos and AAAaaas when taken out and about so be prepared to be entertaining some extra kids. My youngest was particularly fond of these big creations and spent a good 45 minutes just creating bubbles, cars would even slow down to watch him.

zing bubbles

They really do get large and its so easy to do the kids just loved being able to make them so easily.


These are the most epic of the bunch in my opinion, not only are they hilarious on my kids hands these babies produce the most bubbles in the shortest duration of time. One spin and you have filled the entire front yard and you yourself are a bubble tornado. They are incredible but we do wish they were a little easier to dip into the solution, but everything worth doing is always a bit of a challenge. You cannot deny the super fun results, this mama loves bubbles!

These Zing Bubbles products will provide you with a Summer of endless bubbles and I can’t suggest them more highly for any bubble lovers out there. These would even be great if you are a dog walker and have some pups to entertain for a while at the park, from the bench you can create some bubble jumping fun for them all while you took it easy in the shade. Bring them to parks to help your kids make some new little friends this Summer these are a great way to start up conversations and meet new people.

Zing Bubbles for the win this Summer!

Need to find some today? All of these products can be found for UNDER 7 BUCKS (cheaper in the US) at Walmart locations and Mastermind Toys.

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