xochitl corn chips

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Chips are one of the top must have snack items in my house and for the Summer I am looking for some versatile ones I can have a little fun with while the boys are at home during the day. I wanted something great for simple nibbling and dipping and something that I could create with in the kitchen. That is when I found Xochitl Corn Chips thanks to the great folks at Gourmet Trading Co. and became a super happy mommy.

The Dipper Xochitl Corn Chips

This awesome white corn chip is made specifically for dipping. They make them more sturdy with perfect corner curls to scoop the most dippy goodness, which is why they are also perfect for Nachos. So if you are looking for a chip that can hold up to lots of toppings, some heat and lots of hungry hands then this is the perfect chip for house. In fact I even made a batch of nachos just to test out how well they would hold up and they did amazingly!

Xochitl Corn Chips


Xochitl Corn Chips

Blue Corn Xochitl Corn Chips

Theses blue corn beauties are super delicious and now one of my fav chips. They are thin, crispy and perfectly salted making them great whether you want to dip or you want to just snack them all on their own. With a sweeter and nuttier flavor than your regular white corn chip your family will be all over these for snack time and we honestly can’t blame them. Since they put all their chips in thick paper bags you can rest assured that they will stay fresh longer even after opening and as a mom I never seem to get to the chips when they’ve JUST been open only the next day. So it is nice to know I wont be missing out and I will still have crisp fresh chips no matter what which makes me super happy as I have created a super delicious dip recipe!

This two layer dip is super simple to put together and even includes a great Black bean dip from Desert Pepper which you can also find on the Gourmet Trading Co. website. All you have to do is throw them all together and you have a great dip to go with these awesome chips! Another great salsa alternative for this dip too would be the Xochitl Salsa Verde which the kids will love for the color and if they like a little heat but not too much.

With both the chips and dip being gluten and preservative free you can rest assured you are treating your body well while indulging in a little treat!

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