Party Favor Ideas

Secret Life of Pets 2 just came out and that means there are going to be more than a few kids out there looking for a birthday party that is on theme with the latest favorite movie. Which means some of you are probably looking for some ideas on what to get all the kids who come the party that will fit along with the theme.  Party favor ideas are always hard but thankfully Pets 2 had some ideas when it came to filling up goodie bags and getting kids excited with their latest collectible blind boxes.

You can collect, share and trade all 8 different figurines and each one even comes with candy… granted you open them in a timely fashion and your child doesn’t sneak it on you like mine did. My kids are sneaky little things but I should know better than to leave fun review items out in plain sight.

Lesson learned by this mom that’s for sure.

Party Favor ideas

Anyways these little collectibles are perfect for your little ones who love this movie, love to collect little things and they’re rubber so no fear in stepping on them for us parents. That alone is a huge selling point to me especially since their size is just perfect for injuring feet beyond repair… just like LEGO. But these little soft rubber buddies are nothing to fear and they make no noise which is another huge perk for us parents and you can’t tell me it isn’t, you would be lying.

For each and every kid at your child’s themed party you can pop one of these in their goodie bag, some simple stickers and maybe another treat to eat and you’ll be all set. Making your party favor ideas simple and easy to accomplish. Giving one gift that pairs with the theme of the party will also act as a keepsake for all the kids who attend – they will always be able to pair the party with the toy making it a special memory for them all.

So if you are looking for a great party favor idea then look out for these little buddies at any Toys R Us location + more!

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