Santorini Greece

Santorini Greece was one of the most incredible places I have ever seen, not that I have seen many places up to this point in my life. The people, granted all working there for the tourist industry alone, were so kind and accommodating it was the perfect way to ease into our first adventure on the other side of the planet. Having the honeymoon suite at the Regina Mare definitely helped sweeten the deal for us too as it was the perfect central location for us. It made it so easy for us to walk to and from some of the sites we wanted to see nearby, explore new places we didn’t know were there AND all our other transfers were easily arranged either by our travel agent or the lovely people at our hotel.

Some of the sights within walking distance of us…

Santorini Greece
Church and the Caldera
Santorini Greece
the Caldera looking at Oia

Santorini Greece
Skaros Rock
Santorini Greece
Skaros rock

And on top of all these gorgeous sites you would find incredibly beautiful details that we thankfully would keep seeing all throughout our stay in Greece. But these were a few of my favorite little details from Santorini Greece.

There was no shortage of beauty all over the Santorini area and they have a great sense of humor in Greece that everyone can appreciate, just check out this weather main.

Image may contain: sky

Let me tell you, there wasn’t a day that it wasn’t windy but it was so welcome as we adjusted to the humidity and heat. Everyone thought we were a little funny as we were hotter than most and locals were all sad about how unseasonably cold it was. For hubby and I it was perfect though.

Santorini Greece is a great bucketlist location and you have got to do it once in your life, but do me a favor… clean up after yourself, don’t be pushy and always go with the flow. You will have a brilliant time.

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