Cats of Greece

I am finally back from my two week honeymoon in Greece and it was amazing. There is so much I want to share with you but I wanted to take the time to do something really fun with one thing that I loved about Greece: the cats of Greece. One of the best part of our trip to Greece was all the cats that we managed to see and meet and hang out with all over the Islands. Now we didn’t get pictures of all the cats that we met along the way but the ones we did manage to snag shots of were fantastic little friends.

Now each cats stole our hearts but nothing quite like these two little trouble makers from Milos. We met them at a lovely restaurant and wine bar called Armenika along the Pollonia strip, while sitting down to dinner there were tons of cats walking along and happily ignoring us, after all at the time we hadn’t gotten our food yet. But then the food came and soon so did the kitties. Now is it all cute and cuddly but with these little felines you have to be careful. As soon as you start to feed a Milos kitty more come and then the more you ignore them after giving a piece you find yourself with kitties touching you and trying to get up on your table to enjoy the meal right off your plate.

What is my advice for the cats of Greece?

We all know you are going to feed them, but in this town you can just take your “kitty bag” to go and feel free to feed them after your meal AWAY from the restaurants. It is okay to feed them but there is definitely and etiquette so don’t get caught with your pants down. The cats are everywhere so you will never have a shortage of hungry needy cats to help out.

cats of greece

The little daytime kitties are always basking in the sunshine and hiding out in bushes for shady spots for their little ones. They are always around chasing butterflies and begging for food. The bar kitties though are a whole other type. They are usually better fed and only there for some loves and scratches. They will rub up against you for all the love and that made me totally fall in love with this cat in particular: Toshiba the kitty.

He was all about the love and I couldn’t get enough. But the cats of Greece aren’t just on Milos – you can also find lots of them over on the island of Sifnos where went next. There we had a breakfast kitten that would eat with us every morning and was very fond of eggs. Her mom would often just drop her off to us breakfast eaters for babysitting and many of us were more than happy to oblige. I mean look at how sweet she is.

cats of greece

Not only was my vacation fabulous from beginning to end – it was filled with funny, mischievous and cuddly kittens where ever we went! the cats of Greece were the perfect extra highlight for our honeymoon vacation, even if it made me miss my Mer at home.

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