Simple Ways To Have Fun in London

Heading to London soon? Spice up your itinerary with these 3 simple ways to have fun in London! Thankfully this wonderful place makes it super easy so I asked around and figured out these top three tips from everyone I talked to, to help all of you start those travel plans to one of the most historical places on earth.

  1. Take A Specialist Tour

There are so many incredible sights in London, that you know you’re going to want to see them all. But, just having a quick view might not do. So why not get a tour guide to give you more information? Or, you could even hop on a tour bus? And, if you want, there are also specialist interest tours, like the Jack the Ripper tour, that could be of an interest to you too!

  1. Eat In Style

If there’s one thing you need to know about London, it’s that the food is first-class. So many incredible restaurants, types of cuisines, and styles of coking are available in London, so why not experience it all? Maybe you would love to try a fancy restaurant or a street food truck? Either way, take a look online at where you want to go, and create a foodie agenda for your trip.

  1. See A West End Show

Finally, you may then want to think about seeing a show. While there’s so much to do in London, and you do need to pick your activities wisely, there’s only one West End. So, while you’re in town, you have to see a show. But which one? There are so many fantastic productions, it seems to hard to pick. Thankfully, you’ll find that the infographic below can help you. So take a look and make sure you book your tickets to avoid disappointment!

Infographic Design By theatre tickets

These are some great tips but remember that traveling is an adventure and don’t plan too much, leave time for wandering the sites and just soaking up a three hour lunch with your family. These simple ways to have fun in London will make your vacation a breeze!

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