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If you don’t know already – I have been planning a two week trip to Greece for my honeymoon and it has been so exciting. Of course I wanted to share my tips for planning your first trip to Greece AND share a little bit about where we will be headed on our trip. If this is the first time you have ever thought of a trip to Greece know first off that our trip is a honeymoon trip; therefore, a little more lavish than you may need to but it is going to be amazing.

Total cost for our two week trip to Greece with spending money included: $12,000

Safety First

Since this is not only our first trip to Greece but also our first trip leaving the continent we wanted to make sure we had all the proper safety nets in place. That means travel agents to help us with our flights and all our Greece travel plans. Travel Group was so amazing when it came to finding us some great flights and we got all the assurances that they will take care of anything if, heaven forbid, something goes wrong along the way there or home.

Now to take care of all of our Greece travels we contacted Aegean Thesarus Travel and Tourism who were just incredible. We told them the type of feel we wanted for our trip: beach, food and luxury for our honeymoon, then gave them our budget and they came up with perfect trip. Not only that but they take care of all your transfer arrangements and even tours! We have such a great trip planned but there was so much to think about beforehand.

Main tips for staying safe while on your two week trip to Greece:

  • Money belt
  • Safe where you are staying
  • Thief proof bag while out and about so you cards don’t get scanned and pick pockets can’t easily access your items.
  • Leave your wedding rings at home, mine has an especially strong sentimental value so I will be wearing a fake while in Greece.


Before you go you want to make sure you think about what kind of weather you want. If you are aiming for high 20’s in terms of temperature then you want to go June or September. If you want hotter then the busy months of July and August will be your ticket – but be prepared for major heat. In June we need to worry about mosquitoes and winds in case of ferry travel between islands. Just be prepared to go with the flow.

Two Week Trip To Greece
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If you are planning on going island to island while you are visiting then you need to think about how much you are carrying with you. Ensure you are packing light, washing your laundry along the way and leaving space in your bag for goodies along the way. My tip is to pack for only one week and just rework outfits. Make sure everything you pack can be used for more than one purpose and only bring shoes you HAVE to bring. Three should be all you need, a fancy flat so you can walk around still but be dressed up, a good pair of runners or hiking shoes and a pair of sandals that you can wear in the water and on land.

Be Flexible

When it comes to the Greek islands you need to be flexible, things can go wrong, but you will get to where you need to be. Make sure you are in the city you need to be in for flights a couple days in advance so you have the extra day or two you need in case ferries aren’t running for weather reasons. When it comes to taxis you might be waiting a bit and transit isn’t always on time but that is island life anywhere – especially here in places like Bowen Island and Salt Spring.

and lastly, I would highly suggest baby wipes, great books loaded on your ipad for your flights, movies too and always greet every challenge with a smile and lots of patience: you can’t control everything.

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