Vancouver Science Social

This year was the second year I was graciously invited to Science World’s Annual Vancouver Science Social – known as the best field trip on earth and every year it lives up to the name. This year I even had a couple bloggie friends to keep me company which made it all the more better. Unlike last year, where we stayed at Science World for some awesome stuff, they took us all over – not just doing Science under the dome.

They planned a full day for us and we got there bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to head to our first stop: the UBC Botanical Garden. A very under appreciated little garden here in the city with lots to boast about, like their collection of 500 different varieties of rhododendrons! Just a little smaller than VanDusen this park has a lot of be proud of in both history and things to explore.

Vancouver Science Social

Not only do they have a full grounds of beautiful garden they also have a great tree walk where you can get up close and personal with the trees in this little forest space. The tree walk itself uses a hug and kiss method to stay up so that there is little to no impact to the trees you are walking amongst. It is a great and respectful way to explore the forest from squirrel height.

I do have to mention that if you are afraid, or even just nervous about heights, this may not be for you – it does wobble quite a bit for those of us who were in the back. So do keep that in mind if you are traveling there with someone who is height sensitive.


It truly was a spectacular way to learn about our forests and why they are so important to us in so many ways. The scenery around us was just something else especially on a misty/rainy day like we had. It was the perfect way to experience a forest in British Columbia and I can’t suggest heading their with your family yourselves more highly.

Once were we done up in the trees we headed back for a delicious lunch and Tara and I ran away to quickly go buy something at their little botanical shop and we couldn’t have been more happy about our little finds while we were there.

They have a great little gift shop that I truly wish I could have walked through in more detail but their plant section was something amazing all on its own. You have to check it out if you are a plant lover or plant addict like myself – I got that green and red beauty there and that makes 91 plants in my collection!

When we were all done at the gardens we continued our Vancouver Science Social over at the Museum of Vancouver to experience a little science in the history of our very own city! It was a great chance to explore a place I normally don’t travel out too and there was so much to see and do I have to go back to finish it all. Being their to mainly explore their new exhibit “Wild” we were all captivated by all the animal specimens they had that were beautifully taxidermied. Included in their collection was a perfectly preserved carrier pigeon that is now completely extinct.

Vancouver Science Social

This pigeon was gorgeous with iridescent purple on the back of its neck feathers – truly sad this animal will never be seen alive. Very thankful to the person so put so much love in preserving a piece of our sad history so we could have more than just drawings and descriptions.

They didn’t just have beautiful creatures to look at they had lots of great Vancouver history to dive into including that of our first nations both beautiful and ugly truth of it all.

Vancouver Science Social

Every turn you make in this museum you are faced with something awe-inspiring, poignant or fun and that makes it a great place to go if you want to learn something new about your hometown of Vancouver. Go with an open heart, open mind and sense of wonder and you will not be disappointed you took the time to visit this iconic location.

After our museum trip we were lucky enough to enjoy a fun reception at Science World chatting about all the things we did that day while also getting another chance to check out their Mirror Maze exhibit that Alex and I just LOVED checking out not to long ago. I am even going to be lucky enough to be headed there again tonight for a little adult fun for their awesome 80s party they are having!

The day was a huge hit – I had a great time and learned so much about the golden rule, our city and natural perfection in all things. I can’t thank the people at Science World enough for putting together such a great Vancouver Science Social for all of us to enjoy together.

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