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When it comes to fashion, we can all be guilty of getting caught up in the world of designer brands. You see people on social media showing off outfits from Gucci or Prada, you see adverts for these big designers everywhere – it makes you feel like you really need their products to be fashionable.

Not to mention the fact there are some people out there that may turn their nose up at anything that’s not a designer brand. So, we feel self-conscious about not having these items, so much so that we save up a lot of cash just to splash it all on one pair of shoes or a designer jacket.

Here’s the thing, you don’t need to wear designer clothes to be fashionable. You don’t need to spend loads of money to look good and feel great. In fact, it’s often better to avoid the big name brands and opt for smaller names instead – and here are a few reasons why:

More Affordable Clothing

Designer brands rip you off; fact. Some of them might use more expensive materials that warrant a higher price than rival brands, but there’s no denying certain things are just way overpriced. If you search for boutique dresses near me, you’ll see some that are hundreds of dollars – and then you’ll see equally gorgeous ones that are more than half the price. The quality of clothing can still be high in smaller brands, but the price is more honest. Most of the time, with designer items, you’re paying for the status that comes with owning something from that brand, rather than the actual quality of it.

Support Smaller Designers

The world of fashion needs smaller designers to carry on doing their work. Without them, we’d never see new and inventive ideas! Not to mention the fact that they help create a more competitive environment – or else big brands would dominate, and we’d have no choice but to buy expensive clothes all the time! Opt for lesser-known brands to support smaller more independent designers and encourage them to carry on making unique clothes.

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Tends To Be More Ethical

It’s no secret that a lot of designer brands are far from ethical in how they manufacture clothes. There are still sweatshops all over the world where people are paid hardly any money to make fashionable skirts, sneakers, shoes, and goodness knows what else for designer brands. But, if you support smaller designers, you’re helping people who use more ethical processes. Because they operate on a smaller level, they don’t need these mass manufacturing processes, so it’s more a case of one or two people working in their own shop. As a result, you can wear clothes that are more ethically sourced, which means you aren’t fueling the unethical means some designers take to deliver their clothes to the world!

Of course, there are instances where some designer brands are affordable, ethical, and worth your attention. I’m not saying you should completely cross them out, but just consider smaller brands from time to time. You’ll be surprised at the number of quality items you can find, and it just might help you create unique outfits as well!

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