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My boys are getting to the age of total digital independence and as a mum I have to admit it is making me a little nervous. Even with all the conversations we’ve had about internet safety and their safety it just never feels like enough to make your mom-worrying subside. Thankfully with the growing age of technology and with kids getting devices earlier and earlier – companies have found some amazing ways to help parents monitor their kids while still giving them their independence. One of these great apps is Family Link app from Google – this incredible tool is exactly what parents need to help create a safer environment online. In fact let me tell you all about how this app can help you not only manage what your child might be doing online but also how long they are using their devices for!

Sleep Security

I don’t know if I am the only parent out there but since I do have kids with devices I also seem to have sneaky kids who need to have their devices confiscated each and every night for the most part. As silly as it is – it does happen and it definitely is a huge battle around bed time but with the Family Link app from Google I can decide when enough is enough by setting time limits on their devices. So school nights are now a huge breeze for me and my kids aren’t waking up with bags under their eyes and I don’t feel like the warden of my own house. It will let you set the specific times you want your child’s device to lock down for the night. This is the time that you need teach boundaries and they need to learn why it is important to regulate usage during the day/nights. IF you have a Google Home you can even remotely lock your child’s device by voice: “Hey Google! Lock Alex’s Device!” and it is done!

Family Link App

See Where They Spend Their Time

Not only you can manage what apps they have permission to download from the Google Play Store, but you can also see how much time they are spending on each app. This will help you see where they are focusing their time in case something you didn’t approve gets by you, you will still be able to see what they are using and how much time they are spending on it. Being able to reject or accept app requests from your kids no matter where you are is a great way to keep your mind at ease. With my honeymoon trip coming up and with my kids spending two weeks at the grandparents knowing that I will still have control what they’re downloading and keep and eye on how they spend their time is the perfect way to keep my mind at peace. On top of all that you can also block specific websites so that your child’s browsing is that much safer while they are browsing as well as apply filters to block possible mature content.

Know Where They Are

Now I am not always an advocate for tracking your kids but now that my boys are getting older and closer and closer to the years of being out with friends as a teenager – having something like this would really help keep my mind from always rushing to the worst case scenario. This app lets me give them a little breathing space when out and about and giving me the down low on where they are. Now I don’t need to call over and over – I can make the quick: “are you coming home for dinner? Your need to be home by X time.” phone call and leave it at that. I don’t want my kids to feel like I am always hounding them and I hope that this will also keep them safer if they ever get into a sticky situation.

Family Link App

Of course an app like this is no replacement for actually sitting down and having, continue to have or start to have a conversation about internet safety. It all starts with education at home and making your kids feel comfortable coming to you. You can now head to the Google Play Store to download Family Link app from Google for your house and get the conversation started. Whether your children are younger or in their teens, the Family Link app from Google lets you set digital ground rules to help guide them as they learn, play, and explore online.

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