Mother's Day With Arbonne

Mother’s Day is coming up fast and that means some of us will be getting excited for crafts made by the kids and maybe even a few nice things from your partners. Of course that isn’t always the case so I wanted to present an idea to anyone who may need it this year – a way to treat yourself this Mother’s Day. Arbonne has a whole bunch of great goodies to help you pamper yourself this Mother’s Day and it is the best day to go ahead and spoil yourself.

RE9 Advanced Prepwork Gel Eye Masks – $50.00

These are perfect for the mom who never stops; you know all of us. We all have a little puffy eye and dark circle action under our eyes and these puppies are perfect for combating them! These sit lightly under your eyes while you relax – hopefully in a bathtub with some of their great body wash. They’re also gold to make you feel a little bougie.

Shea Butter Body Wash – $42.00

Not only does their body wash smell great the shea butter leaves your skin feeling soft and luscious. It is the perfect addition to that bath tub soak you have been dreaming about that you could actually get this Mother’s Day. Paired with the great shea butter body lotion is one of the best things you can put all over your skin after a good tub soak. There is nothing better than these two put together.

Shea Butter Hand Lotion – $20.00

If you have problems with dry skin then you will definitely want to look into Arbonne and their shea butter hand cream. I love how it smells and I love how soft it leaves my skin. With my constant dry skin I am always needing something to give my skin the love that it needs whenever I am. Being able to keep this in my purse is a definite skin life saver I do have to admit. It absorbs great as well so you aren’t left with oily feeling skin like other lotions.

So why not treat yourself this Mother’s Day with Arbonne products made for that exact reason.

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