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As a lot of you know I have a big trip coming up and both hubby and I are so excited about it. Of course when you are planning a big trip there are a lot more things to think about than you would have thought. So much planning to do it is enough to make your head spin, from transit routes to money conversions the list always seems long. Thankfully I did manage to find KnightsBridgeFX who makes traveling simple with their great money exchange rates!

KnightsBridgeFX, who has been recently featured on Dragon’s Den, has been helping Canadians save money on their exchanges – which is helping putting smiles on lots of our vacationing faces. In fact they are traditionally saving Canadians about 2% more than the banks can offer. Best part is they have been doing so well that they’ve already become a GROWTH 500 and PROFIT 500 company! They even have a current 5 star rating via the Better Business Bureau making them a great option if you are looking to exchange any kind of currency efficiently.

So to help continue the great advice for making your travel plans a little more simple I have a few tips below to help you out.

Less Is More

When it comes to your trip less is always more whether it is planning your itinerary, packing your suitcase or getting more for your money with a great exchange rate. You never want to over plan, over pack or over pay. Make sure you are doing your research: looking for laundry service to cut back on what you need to bring, shop around for the best rate, and know that you need to be flexible when you are traveling in a foreign country.

Safety Nets

Make sure, while you are away, you have a safety net available to you back home and with you. What am I talking about? You want to make sure copies of your passport are with loved ones back home in case anything happens to yours. You will want to keep yours safe so keeping a photo of it on your phone while you are out and about is a great idea; then housing your original in a safe. This way if your bag gets stolen or lost you don’t have to worry about your passport also now being missing.

Reliable Device

One thing you will want to have is a great reliable and travel friendly device. There are so many things that your device can do for you while you are away – from translating while you are on the go to entertaining you while you are on a long flight. In the end you are going to need one and if you can win one that is even better. Which is why I have partnered with KnightsBridgeFX to bring you this amazing contest. That is right one of you lucky readers is going to win an iPad just in time for all your big Summer plans this year! All you have to do is ENTER BELOW TO WIN!!


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