Like I was saying last week, the Royal Canadian Circus is making their way back to town and these house couldn’t be more excited about it. There are only a few things out there as exciting to a kid as a traditional circus. Smelling the popcorn in the air as you walk up to enter the big top tent for 2 hours of wild entertainment. This May Vancouver is going to be completely filled with wide-eye kids and their parents as they come to town to 3 different locations and over 30 shows in total.

Naturally I don’t want any of you to miss out on all the fun which is why we have partnered once again with the Royal Canadian Circus to bring you guys a few AMAZING contests that you don’t want to miss out on.

Not only will I be giving 1 lucky family a chance to go to the circus in this post, I will be giving 2 families the chance at a Runaway to the Circus VIP package which includes a total of 8 tickets. Of course that isn’t all the package has in store for the lucky winners, just check out what is included in this great package.

8 VIP Ringside Seats for you and your 7 guests.
A VIP BACKSTAGE TOUR with you and your 7 guests to go behind the scenes.
Introduced as Honorary Ringmaster at opening ceremony.
1 PONY RIDE FOR WINNER’S CHILDREN during intermission.
— Value $700 —

Isn’t that amazing?! I know a whole night of incredible memories, enough to make a whole tent of people jealous, so don’t miss out on your chance to win with the Royal Canadian Circus!! If you win this you will be parent/auntie/uncle/grandpa/ma or the year believe you me, so what’s stopping you!?!

Also don’t forget, if you can’t wait to see who wins, using promo code MUMFECTION will get you 2 for 1 on tickets to the best Canadian Circus.

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Tell me: who would you be taking with you for a night at the Royal Canadian Circus?


  1. I would bring my daughter and some of her friends.

  2. I would bring my family and my girlfriend and her family

  3. I would bring my daughters and our close family friends whole family as well! I would be such an amazing adventure!

  4. We went to this last year and it was absolutely amazing! I hope we can return again this year! My kids and my husband and I loved it!

  5. I would love to go and bring my daughter, my hubby and my sister & her family.

  6. Would be a great night for my son, daughter and some friends.

  7. My nieces would definitely be part of the mix! Thanks for the chance to experience this with them!

  8. My granddaughter and grandson and their friends

  9. I would bring my family and my sisters family

  10. I’d bring the kids and my husband as well as a friend’s family!

  11. I would bring my kids and grandkids!

  12. I would bring my family and my sister in law’s family too!

  13. I would take my kids and my sister!

  14. I would let my kids invite two friends each.

  15. I would bring my son and wife, along with my classmate and her partner and kids…

  16. I would bring my husband, our 2 kids, and our good friends and their 2 kids – it’d be the perfect day out for all of us!

  17. It would be so great My immediate family and I have an international student from China and he could bring a friend.

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