Gallagher Lake Lodge

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If you like wine country then you would love the chance to visit Oliver British Columbia which is smack dab in the middle of a BUNCH of great Okanagan wineries that are worth the visit. Then if you are hoping to stay up there, enjoy them all and a brewery then you might be in need of a great place to stay and Gallagher Lake Lodge is the perfect place. With both cabins and rooms this place has everything your family could need – including a beautiful lake to play in, and kitchens!

Gallagher Lake Lodge
Some of our big family… 2nd cousins and all.
View from a paddle boat around dusk looking towards the lodge – paddle board and boat in the distance.

Last Summer we were lucky enough to stay for a weekend, sadly for sad family reasons, but they made the stay one of the most memorable family vacations we have ever had. Our whole extended family on my hubby’s side was up there visiting so we basically took over the whole lodge room wise then a whole cabin as well and boy did we take over. Our whole loud crew was able to enjoy the lake none stop with kayaks, paddle boats, canoes, paddle boards, floaties, fishing poles and all the games in the world.

Gallagher Lake Lodge
Myself, Hubby and His brother in the background who was chasing us to try and tip our paddle boat

They truly make this a one stop family vacation paradise – you honestly just need some groceries to fill your fridge and lots of sunscreen and you never have to leave the lake.

Not only that, you can see a whole tonne of wildlife while you are there, in fact right before we were leaving a whole family of mountain goats came running along the steep mountain side. It was a sight to see and I never knew they could balance so well, on what looks like, inches worth of space. Then every where you went you would see these little hilarious groups of, what we think were, quail. They were so cute and so fast – of course there were also lots of deer and fish to be seen all over all the time as well. It was such a magical stay and there is a bit more to do in Oliver than you would think.

With this lodges amazing amenities you barely ever have to leave the lodge at all – they have everything you need to enjoy a full day and a full night. It is honestly a little place of heaven on this earth.

BUT if you are really looking for things to do in and around this little lodge you are in luck because wineries and breweries are a plenty and they are deliciously worth it. There is also this magical place not too far away – if you really want an experience called: Tickleberry’s.

This incredible wacky place is the best ice cream place I have ever stepped foot into and they don’t just have none stop droolworthy ice cream, they have have a whole gift shop of amazing things I don’t really think you can get most places. There is endless stuff to see: home decor, toys, games, treats, cards, magnets, mugs, crockery, meat grinders, repurposed items, endless eclectic art and if you can believe it still more!

Oliver has lots of offer and discover and Gallagher Lake Lodge makes the perfect heavenly home base while you are visiting, especially since they can accommodate large family gatherings and you can do it so well on such a tight budget. It was a great bonding experience for all of us as well and they gave us such a beautiful spot to get to know our extended family a little better. If you love the simple things, getting cozy with your family and discovering a beautiful place in B.C. you will want to come here.

Check out their little spot of heaven HERE

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