Fan Expo Vancouver

** I was gifted tickets to Fan Expo 2019 in exchange for the posts, all items pictured have been purchased completely by me out of pocket. **

This year Fan Expo was amazing, I know it came up behind last years really closely but this round was really well done. They had an exceptional line up of guests, and while the vendors were definitely less they were GREAT. The artists alley was even bigger this year and that is really where I like to spend the most of my money anyways. So, even though it is late, I wanted to go over a few of the things I managed to find and buy this year at Fan Expo Vancouver.


The Beehive: Collection of Fuzzballs by Camilla d’Errico

This is one of my top buys, I can’t praise this brilliant woman enough. This whole little book reminds me of those alphabet fairy books and I couldn’t not buy one for myself to match my own fairy book. Each little bumble bee is a perfectly thought out adorable creation and I fell in love with each and everyone of them. Of course this book is filled with her cutesy bees, she also does some great themed work like bee villians, star wars bees, hero bees etc… etc… She is amazing. I love her work and I hope that you do too.


Jasmine + Aladdin Funko Dolls

I am a sucker for POP dolls and every year I like to add to my collection and this year I grabbed a couple great Aladdin themed ones that I just couldn’t leave without. I do have to admit that I could have had the chance to get it signed by Jasmine herself (the original voice actress) but I just didn’t want to spend the $50. The doll itself and seeing her was good enough for me – she is so lovely and it was a total dream being able to just go up to her and say my hello’s and thank you’s for being apart of my childhood. I managed to snag these for under $10 each as well thanks to the guys at Constant Collectibles who actually have the largest FUNKO collection outside of the actual FUNKO warehouse says the owner!


Hidden Rainbows Stickers

I don’t know about you, but I am in love with stickers and getting adult heavy duty stickers for my computer, my kids computer and my hubby’s hard hat make me super happy. Being able to support a great artist makes me doubly happy and I know you will love these guys and the great stuff they have. Of course they have way more stuff than just stickers, this was the start of my addiction to their stuff believe you me.


Teeturtle tshirt “Pew Pew Kitty”

My son fell totally and completely in love with this shirt, this amazing glow in the dark shirt and we had to make sure that he got it. Teeturtle is always at Fan Expo and they are a great vendor, but I have a tip for you. You want to buy their shirts online NOT at the expo. As much as I love them they mark their prices up for the expo and they are definitely more affordable online so that is my tip to you. Head over to their site and buy them their and use their booth as a great way to check out quality of beforehand. They are great shirts and I even got a sloth one for my hubby that he loves – of course he wont let me take a picture of him in it though.

Overall this year was a great experience that definitely emptied my pockets and introduced me to a couple great new artists to be obsessed with!

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