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I have been having a lot of trouble with my sleep and with my anxiety lately, something that is pretty common for me, something common of most of us moms. Sometimes it can really get in the way and that is why I like to try adding in extra help as needed on top of my regular routine/treatments. That is where my essential oils come in. No I am not one of those hardcore users – I have dabbled with my diffuser and bath oils and noticed just how much it can effect my mood. So I decided to look into something that could, not only show me different oils, but show me different ways to use them to help me in the everyday. That is how I found Simply Earth a great little subscription box that helps introduce you to new scents but helps you create things like: bath salts, oil mixes, oil roll ons to help with different mood or digestive issues and so much more.

Simply Earth

Simply Earth

These boxes are great and each one comes with all the ingredients you need to create some great stuff, not just for you, but for friends and family too. There is so much you can make and I was floored with how much was in one of these great boxes and couldn’t wait to get started creating some little at home helpers for my sleep, and my daily anxiety. I was even lucky enough to snag this box right before a plague ran through my how with made the Sickness Support Bath Soak one of my saving graces a week ago.

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Each recipe in this box was so simple to make with their easy to follow instructions for each item and the fact that they provided you with all the empty bottles you need plus a few extras is really impressive. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a subscription box so much.

Being able to make each of these items taught me quite a bit about each of their uses and it was really fun to have my own adult crafting kit that would benefit me so much. The best part is with Simply Earth you know you are getting great quality in products. Tested to be 100% pure they pride themselves on providing you all the good stuff and none of the bad stuff – something that is super important to us parents. Another great thing that I love about this company is how 13% of their proceeds go towards fighting human trafficking – of course 13 symbolizing the average age of a child forced into trafficking.

A great company that wants to help you with your natural living, help others live happier lives and teach you something about homeopathics. It is a great monthly box that you will just love or maybe someone close to you would love to check it out. Each month filled with great possibilities and that is why wont want to miss out on the chance at some extra goodies when you order using my code: MUMFECTIONFREE.

Tell me, how do you use essential oils in your life?

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