Pink Shirt Day

** This Pink Shirt Day post is sponsored by Metropolis at Metrotown – all opinions and experiences are 100% my own.**

This house loves Pink Shirt Day and every year we look forward to wearing as much pink as possible and creating a day of kindness. My boys spend their day at school doing amazing things around their school to spread love, each year is different, and I am usually headed off to Metropolis at Metrotown. Last year was filled with so much fun, I was thrilled that I was invited once again to join in all the love spreading.

It started off with such a bang, all the kids from schools across Burnaby arrived to also join in on all the fun and they had all the energy in the world. Filled to the brim with excitement you could see just how much these kids wanted to spread love all over the mall. You could see they had lots of great plans for the day and we couldn’t wait to watch all the magic happen and create a little of our own.

I knew we were going to be meeting up with all of them again later in the day we us bloggies gathered together for a little love spreading with our $100 Gift Cards provided to us by the incredibly generous people at Metropolis at Metrotown. We all had a bunch of ideas in mind, and after lots of picture taking and brainstorming, we were off!

With gift cards and some great goodies from the nice folks at DavidsTea we could hardly wait to put smiles on some peoples faces before we had to be back for the kids big display!

Pink Shirt Day

Being able to surprise so many shoppers it was truly a great experience – of course we always have one or two run ins with people who really don’t want us to pay for their items or accept our kindness, which is fine, but I hope that more days like this will help open those few up. For every no there were a bunch of thank yous and that is all that matters.

Once we were done spreading the love we headed to the Grand Court to see what all the kids were getting busy creating for everyone’s enjoyment. Being the smarties that we were we snagged the perfect spot for photos of all the fun that was about to commence – and we waited and watched as these kids created something beautiful.

Pink Shirt Day

I couldn’t have been more happy to have been apart of all of this, to have been given the opportunity to do this for others and to experience all the magic that this day provides at Metropolis at Metrotown. They managed to create an incredible feeling of community and I hope we helped bring back a little love for humanity again through all the people we gifted to.

I think one of my favorite giftees was this lovely lady that was at the famous cheesecake place inside Metropolis at Metrotown, you know the one, the one you would wait in line forever for. After some convincing she finally let me purchase her cheesecake proclaiming that if I were a man she would have thought I was trying to pick her up. I totally made her day and she honestly completely made mine.

Once again ti was one of the best days at the mall and I like to think it will help encourage others to do random acts of kindness for others everyday, not just Pink Shirt Day.

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