Fanny Pack

There is one thing that I thought I would never say, the Fanny Pack is making a come back and I am actually happy about it. The Fanny Pack is one of those amazing 90s conveniences that was given a bad wrap. I blame that partially on their neon colors and stiff fabrics. But with time comes improvement and a place called the Fanny Factory have created a fanny pack anyone would love to wear.

Find that hard to believe?? I did too until one of these beauties showed up at my door. They have great prints, no more solid neons and stiff fabrics these babies are bougie to say the least. With lots of cool retro styles you will be all over these babies for your hiking trips, jogging and traveling. Maybe even the every day when you know you are going to be running around all crazy.

This beauty is their “Isn’t it Ironic” pattern – one I love mainly because of the song it is named after and my massive love for Alanis M. I mean what girl didn’t love that song growing up in the 90s. In fact it was the very first “main stream” song I learned as a small child – my first song away from baby beluga ladies and gentlemen, in case you needed a little more insight into my personality.

Please do keep in mind, when you are purchasing, that anyone above a size 12 will need to get the extender for the strap – so for all my plus sized beauties out there make sure you snag that at check out!

With so many different great patterns you are bound to find one perfect for you –  even if you wanted to snag an old school solid neon coloured one they definitely have your back. They are making fanny packs that you can actually dress up and with all their pockets you know you will have a safe space for everything you will need for when you are on the go.

Tell me when was the last time you wore a Fanny Pack??

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