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You all know that I have recently started sharing some of my most magical recipes recently, and I have been loving this new part of my blogging life now. Being able to be a little more open about this part of my life has definitely been incredible and the support has been amazing. So much so that I have something brilliant to share with you – my latest partner: Magical Butter Canada the creators of the Magical Butter Machine.

Haven’t heard of Magical Butter Canada?

Well, then guess what? I am going to tell you all about them – THEN offer you something amazing at the end.

Now Magical Butter Canada is a great company that has an incredible line of products to help you create a massive variety of herb infused butters, oils and so much more. This amazing company has created a great little machine that is going to be helping me with a few great projects here at my house.

What are we hoping to make at our house?

Just to name a few things: infused butter, infused oils, a couple savory dishes for home, some fun sweets and gummies, some infused liquor and so many more. My head is spinning just thinking of all the things that I want to make and create here at home super easy with all the amazing goodies they’ve given me.

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Magical Butter Machine

MB2e 110V is a brilliant machine that does it all and is especially great for the types of infusions I am making. Not only does it do a great job at creating great butters and oils it manages to keep the smell down so much more than if you were to do it the traditional way on stove top. This was a big selling point knowing that I share a home with others I want to minimize the smell during initial butters creation process. When you are cooking it for such a long duration the smell can be something of a bother to those around you. But with this beauty that will be a worry of the past. BONUS it has rainbow lights along the top of it that I adored, it is a great stim to just watch the colors spin as it makes your goodies for you.

DecarBox Thermometer Combo Pack is the perfect compliment to your machine. Giving you the opportunity to heat your herbs before putting them in the machine or help you with your candy making adventures. The thermometer is one of the best things I have ever used and we absolutely love its design and simplicity. It is a lovely stainless steel and digital reader that you can watch from outside your oven. The box is a nice silicone and can of course be used for so much in the kitchen.

Butter Trays are going to be your next go to if that is on your list of things you are going to be making. They have a great set of trays that are silicone, easy to clean and even have all the measurements imprinted so baking later is a breeze. Being able to quickly cut an accurate measurement is just perfect for all the baking we do at our house it really cuts down on time so I am not having to guess or measure things out or weigh them because I have butter with no measurements.

Gummy Trays might be more up your alley if you are more into making candies above all else. The soft silicone makes popping out your candies super easy which is ideal when working with candy. Gummies can need a little TLC and having hard to empty molds increases your chances at breaking your newly made treats.

Purity Filters + Love Glove are going to be essential for your butter and oil creations. They make it so much easier that you will never even consider using cheese cloth again. They are so simple to use for straying, you see the filters have different grades which will filter out sediment more or less: the bigger the holes the less time it will take to strain but more sediment will be present in the end result. Smaller the holes the more time it takes but more pure the end result. Then the love glove helps you do that without having to worry about hot butter. Something that was always and issue in the past – a past filled with tongs and hot hands.

MB Spatulas are honestly my new favorite baking utensils. They are so nice in the hand, well balance and there is a spatula shape for every need so you actually can get every last drop of goodness out of your machine, bowls and all that jazz. I have also basically started using them when I bake anything cause they are way better than the spatulas I have which seem flimsy and clumsy in comparison.

Now remember using the promo code: Mumfection you can get 20% off all their products, but guess what?? I am giving one lucky reader a chance to win this entire set!

That is right – if you enter below you will be entered to win everything pictured here which is well over $300 worth of goodies!

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  1. Wow the peanut butter snacks looks fantastic my children would love them .Thanks for this wonderful chance

  2. I personally love being in my kitchen, cooking and creating. It would be amazing to have the magical butter machine to experiment with and to make some savory tasting dishes, and infused butters. Thank you for the chance.

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