DIY Memory Wall

Sometimes things just land in  your lap in the perfect way and recently I had that very thing happen to me. You see I am a member of a local buy nothing group in my area (something to google if you don’t know anything about them), and I managed to snag this beautiful mirror second hand. Totally free which gave me a great idea to create a DIY memory wall for our soon to be honeymoon to Greece we are planning.

So with my free mirror in hand I had a plan to make and a white wall to decorate with Greece in mind. Of course the maroon mirror is not exactly the look I was hoping to start with so I knew I needed to think of a new color.

Off I went to my favorite art shop in my area: Muckabout which is run by this lovely couple and is filled with tons of local artists goodies! She is also my local Fat Paint hookup, paint I knew I needed – something bright, something beautiful and something very Greece.

That is why I chose the Fat Paint colour: Mykonos – really the only colour that I could have gone with on this one. I mean it is the perfect colour for reminding us of the honeymoon we are going to be heading off on a little later now than planned.

I mean it is an expensive trip and to be honest it isn’t going to be warm enough when we originally wanted to go – we are pushing it a little farther. I mean I want it to be warm enough to wear a swimsuit without needing a coat.

Anyways, I wanted this wall in my house to be filled with memories from our vacation, first time off the continent and honeymoon. I wanted it to bring a little sunshine into a corner of my house that is usually dark. So I got to work lightly sanding and prepping my new free mirror for it’s new facelift.

Once that was all done I stirred up my paint, threw on some Roseanne on prime and BAM away I went painting without fear.

In the end I was the happiest person on earth and I can’t wait to get it up on the wall, head off on our honeymoon and cover the wall in all our amazing memories.

Tell me, have you ever painted something a wild colour for your house?

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