Nothing beats being able to have the time to sit back and relax with a good book – of course sometimes it is hard to get the time or create that relaxing atmosphere. Which why I was so happy to find Callisto Crate subscription boxes for book lovers, or rather that they found me. I love to read, but finding the time and having the mental space to do so.

What do I mean by that exactly?

I mean I am a parent and finding a space in my house that doesn’t have boys banging around or TVs blaring is a hard thing to do. I usually have to hide somewhere with a lock and a consistent amount of whale sounds or I need to wait till everyone is asleep or gone. Sometimes when I do find the time to get in a couple chapters I notice that I get tired super fast sometimes.

Being a parent who loves to read but also has to you know… adult, is a hard thing to do.

For me it is all about atmosphere. If I want to enjoy a few moments of reading I need to take the time to set the mood properly. That is exactly where Callisto Crate comes in. This subscription box carefully curates your monthly read and makes sure you are doing it in style.

Subscription Boxes For Book Lovers

Every month they pick a great book and include everything you need to enjoy it: something cozy, something to set the mood, and things to compliment the book and its themes. Helping you create a perfectly curated immersive experience for your book that month. The box I got to enjoy this month was just perfect – an adventurous tale filled with female heroines that I am just loving called Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik.

It also came with these incredibly thick slipper socks that I have been basically living in since the snow hit us finally this week. They really do keep  you comfy as you sit back and relax – of course they also included a few other perfect ways to help me really get into the story. A tree necklace (story significance I don’t want to give spoilers though) with the perfect scent blend to help you stay calm but not sleepy. Some dark and milk chocolate coins and bells to nibble while I read.

Subscription Boxes For Book Lovers

Every box is perfectly created to ensure the book lovers in your life are getting the best reading experience they can possibly get. They truly do know how to set the mood and each box of course comes with a card to explain all the goodies inside – all without spoilers. These boxes aren’t just perfectly themed each month the are also all women focused. Strong female characters and female writers making it a great feminist experience too – bonus Callisto Crate pledges to donate 1% their profits and products to the Kamloops Y Women’s Emergency Shelter.

Giving back in the best way possible: locally from Canadians to Canadians. Which also leads me to point out that Callisto Crates is a strong Canadian small business that is so excited to help other Canadian women heighten their reading experiences and open their minds to new and exciting books.

So if you have book lover in your life, need a last minute gift idea that keeps on giving, or just really want to get these yourself you can go ahead and subscribe to them HERE.

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