Pink Shirt Day

February isn’t just the month of love for your partner anymore, it is the month of love for everyone and that means learning to spread it as much as possible in your everyday life. Of course sometimes throughout the year things get hard and we forget that those moments, those “random acts of kindness” are what make our human interactions so important. That connecting with strangers in a loving and giving way not only makes those around you feel great, but it makes you feel amazing too. Pink Shirt (FEB 27th) is coming back to Metropolis at Metrotown here in Burnaby and that means I will get to spend the day spreading kindness to everyone we can find!

Why is Pink Shirt Day important?!

Pink Shirt Day is celebrated across the globe to help bring awareness and funding to anti-bullying programs. Making programs like these available to kids helps when it comes to preventative care in schools. It improves the conversation around bullying and the affects of it which helps all of us come together and teach our kids to lead with kindness. These preventative measure programs are incredible first steps in improving our kids mental health while in class, by teaching them life skills to stand up to bullying and to understand the importance of the power of words.

Every year Metropolis at Metrotown loves to spread the Pink Shirt Day love by enlisting a few of us local influencers and students to join them in a day of spreading Random Acts of Kindness around the mall.

You have no idea what you could possibly encounter on Pink Shirt Day – perhaps there will be kids handing out flowers, people paying for others groceries or treating a group of elderly to a round of coffees. You have no idea what little act of love you could encounter, which means it is going to be a fun day to be at the mall. Last year they put together an incredibly large Flash Mob Dance with all the students in attendance. It was a truly amazing sight to see and I can’t wait to see what they have planned this year. I do think there will be a big performance though in the Grand Court at 11:30am and I bet you wont want to miss out on it!


Metropolis at Metrotown wont be the only one with fun new ways to spread some kindness around the mall, I am looking for some fun ways to do the same! I want to do more than just flowers, treating people to coffee or buying little birthday boys gifts at the Disney store.

Metropolis Metrotown

So you know what that means?

I want your help coming up with some ideas because this year I want to come armed with something extra amazing; so throw your ideas at me. Send them to me via the comments here, Facebook, Email where ever. I know so many of you have brilliant ideas and I want to really make this day special for as many people as I can manage. With your help I hope to do that.

I just want to hear what you would do if you got to spread love, smiles and happiness for a day at the mall!

BONUS Metroplis will be having a social media contest starting on Feb 15th that everyone can join in on!! For every Instagram post tagged #METMakeNice, they will be donating a $1 to the CKNW Children’s Fund (maximum $1,000)! Sharing your #METMakeNice photo on social will also enter you to win a $500 GC and a $500 GC to the charity of your choice!

So get out there and start thinking up those great acts of kindness and get out there and spread the love for your chance to win!!

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