Good Nights Sleep

** This good nights sleep post is sponsored by: CanSleep Services. All opinions on services provided to me are 100% my own or my husband’s who received treatments. **

Now my husband and I only got married this past summer BUT we have been together now for a full 13 years. In those 13 years I have learned a few things about romance in a relationship and the biggest of those things is: sleep is HUGE. Nothing can kill a mood better before it even gets a chance to start than having one or both partners in the relationship: a good nights sleep.

Of course there can be so many reasons why you, as a parent or married couple aren’t getting a good nights sleep. In fact let’s look at a list of just a few of those reasons:

  1. Your baby didn’t sleep, therefore no one got to sleep.
  2. Your mind refused to stop thinking about ridiculous things or sing thousands of songs from the 90s.
  3. You have to get up to pee for the millionth time.
  4. You are pregnant. Enough said.
  5. Your kid insists on co-sleeping past the age of 4 which means you have elbows in your eye balls and hair in your mouth.
  6. Nightmares.
  7. Your husband snoring so loud he is making water glasses ripple.
  8. You snore so loud you wake both of you up.
  9. You heard a weird noise in the house and now have to wake up hubby to go check it out.
  10. Raccoons were in the garbage again and you need to go clean it up.
  11. Your kids are trying to sneak their devices to stay up till lord knows when.
  12. You have found your kid playing at lord knows what time on their device.
  13. You can hear your cat or dog scratching at a door somewhere in the house.
  14. Your cat insists on being fed or playing all over the house crashing things around.
  15. Your husband left an audiobook on too loud and you don’t want to leave the warm covers to turn it off and you have been fighting to sleep for over an hour. Too specific?…

I think I could honestly go on forever, but you get the idea there are a million and one reasons why you might not be getting enough sleep and that can be having an affect on your relationship. But even though we can’t control all these things that can affect our sleep there are a couple of things we can zero in on and actually get some help with.

Like the snoring.

In our house hubby and I both snore but unfortunately his snoring would send me to the couch some nights, which is how I knew I needed to do something about it. Believe you me he wasn’t looking for any solutions and that is when we found: CanSleep Services. After finding them/them finding us and getting in touch he started treatments right away –  5 treatments every 3 weeks and for Daniel the longest appointment was about 21 minutes. He has now gotten to the tail end of his treatments with his last appointment being next week.

This last appointment we will get to see his results on paper with another home test, the same one he did the first appointment to get a base to see where his issues where. That is where we found out he actually had mild sleep apnea and not just a bad case of the snores for no reason at all. There was something we could help him with, something we could fix that wouldn’t just help me but help him too.

After each treatment he had we would notice more and more of a difference. He especially noticed how much less phlegmy he suddenly was – even after his first 20 minute treatment (really 11.5 mintues). Being a smoker he always felt like he had stuff stuck in his throat and this, he said, improved that discomfort immensely. He also noticed that he was breathing deeper on a regular basis. Working in the insulation industry he is sadly exposed to more than just what he exposes himself to by choice. In fact he has failed pulmonary tests in the past because of these issues.

These treatments have improved his breathing ALOT and for that reason alone he was happy. Of course at night he was snoring less too and wasn’t gasping for air at night anymore – at least not that I could tell I do sleep too now thankfully. Each day he is getting a better more solid sleep at night which is really helping him throughout the day and at work.

Naturally I am getting more sleep too which means we have more energy for each other again. We manage to stay awake after the kids to go sleep and bond together whether that is watching a movie or hitting the sheets. In the end we learned something, not getting enough sleep can really affect all aspects of a marriage and getting a good nights sleep is key to a good night of romance.

To find out more about how you can get a better nights sleep check out CanSleep Services.

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