Candy Free Valentine's Gift Ideas

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, in fact every year it sneaks up on me since my youngest sons birthday hugs too close to it being on the 17th. So you can imagine that Valentine’s day is really just a mad dash to the dollar store for cheap valentines and some lame chocolate. This year I wanted to make sure I did something a little better. I wanted to find some candy free valentine’s gift ideas that both my boys would like – and of course add some ideas for those girls of yours too!

I wanted to make sure that this year my kids were going to wake up to a little basket of goodies that weren’t just filled with cheap candy. I wanted to give them things they can keep and enjoy not just eat and get a tummy ache from. Since my youngest has been having issues with sneaking food when he shouldn’t the more candy free options I could find the better for me in the long run.

After all, as a mom of boys, I don’t need to give myself more things to regulate.

Candy Free Valentine's Gift Ideas

Squish ‘Ums: Poo Pets Series – $4.99

You read that right moms and dads, the latest in the Squish ‘Ums craze are adorable little poo shaped animals. You can guess that these little guys are super squishy and don’t worry they smell like chocolate actually. The best thing about these toys is that they are great for my boys when it comes to stimming and focusing while they are doing things. Sometimes the world around them is rather chaotic and a stimming object that helps them relieve stress and can be a bit of a visual thing for them can help them calm in order to make sense of all the stuff coming at them. I am a huge advocate for these types of toys that help my kids – and myself self regulate.

JoJo Sequin Pillow Keychains – $5.99

Since we are on the topic of stims, let’s talk about sparkly ones. My boys love our couches mermaid pillow that we have to calm when they need it. They will spend a long while playing it and these little keychains are the perfect travel version of these. You do have to be careful as we did find a couple of the actual keychains fell off rather quickly so please make sure they are secured well so you don’t loose them – especially when hanging off your backpacks.

LOL Surprise Bows – $4.99

If you have an LOL obsessed little one at home, like I know many of you do, then these might be a great idea for your kid. Not only are they LOL themed they are also fashion accessories they can use for themselves, to trade with other friends or even decorate their dolls hair with. You have no idea why they want they but they do and they will ask for them, you know it. So add these to their LOL collection and skip the candy this year.

Candy Free Valentine's Gift Ideas

Cutie Beans Gudetama – $5.99

If you have never heard of Gudetama them you are missing out on the cutest, funniest little lazy egg you have ever seen. With his motto being “I can’t” you can’t really go wrong collecting these lazy little bean bag guys for yourself or your little ones. I mean they don’t have to have all the fun right? Jump on the this little bandwagon and you wont be sorry, in fact we have started a game with them in the house. Each of us has one and we all hide them in the house on each other, it has been a funny week for sure.

Cutie Beans Hello Kitty – $5.99

Another version of these fun little bean bag toys are the hello kitty versions. You can collect every character in cute colorful cases and use them to decorate your kids bags, lunch bags and anything else they can think of. With so to collect and trade with friends you are going to be in for a lot of giggles throughout your house!

Hopefully these great ideas from BullsiToy will help you with create some candy free valentine’s gifts for your kids this year!


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