With Annie Coming To Michael J. Fox Theatre

Remember when you were a kid… maybe back in the days of the ancient VHS, you had a select few that you would love to watch. Annie was one of those for me when I was little. The brilliant story of this firey tempered red head spoke to my soul, but it wasn’t just her I loved. I also LOVED Miss Hannigan. Her scene was one of the best and it was honestly one of the first times I found a love for acting. With Annie coming To Michael J. Fox Theatre the start of next month, you can bet I got excited about getting to head to the show.

That is right I will be taking the hubby off to the show for opening night and I want to give you all the info to make sure you can get in on some tickets yourselves!!

Annie Coming To Michael J. Fox Theatre

Following the successful fall production of A Christmas Story: The Musical, the Ovation Award-winning company closes the 2018/2019 season with the story of Annie, a plucky 11-year-old overflowing with infectious optimism and curly red hair. The Tony and Grammy Award-winning musical is set against the backdrop of the Great Depression, throwing into sharp relief the beauty of the spirited character’s hopefulness in dire times. Featuring a fresh cast of young local talent, the production is a heart-warming antidote to the long grey days of winter.

The original Broadway production from 1977 is based on Harold Gray’s widely read comic strip Little Orphan Annie. The 1924 comic was popular for its poignant political commentary, and subsequent adaptations maintained this feature. The story follows the adventures of Annie, who longs to find the parents who left her as a baby on the steps of a New York City orphanage. Tired of matron Miss Hannigan’s cruelty, Annie escapes into the city and befriends the abandoned but loveable mutt Sandy. Upon her return, she is selected to spend Christmas with local billionaire Oliver Warbucks. He is soon won over by her bright outlook and even introduces her to President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Along the way, Annie helps inspire the New Deal, learns the truth about her parents, and finds a loving home to call her own. Annie Coming To Michael J. Fox Theatre is going to be a great way to spend the night with your friends and family and we hope that you will take the time to check it out.

Annie Coming To Michael J. Fox Theatre

This story is a classic and I always loved it as a kid and I can’t wait to relive a little bit of the childhood magic at the start of next month. Of course I want to make sure you get all the info so here are all the show times you need to have a great night with family!

Show will run from Feb 1 – 16th with great show time variety making it approachable for families with younger children.

Ticket Prices:
Regular $29-$42
Special Preview Pricing $20
Thrifty Thursdays $25
Family Matinee $15

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