Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

Since I was sick most of the holidays all my baking got put on the back burner so as of late I have been baking up a storm thanks to my Grandmother’s cookbooks that she left me after she passed last year. Now that we are feeling better, granted a new cold is running through our home as we speak, I have slowly been catching up on all things baking. Of course my kids couldn’t be happier about this, since they get to eat most of the end results… not all the things I have been creating in the kitchen, but some.  My newly created loaded oatmeal cookie recipe is one of the good ones my kids can enjoy to their hearts content.

This is one of those recipes my kids are now totally in love with – these loaded oatmeal cookies I created using a plain oatmeal cookie base that I found in my grandmother’s cookbook. The plain ones were lovely but they just seemed cakey and thick to me with nothing really amazing about them. They needed a little extra love in the tidbit department and I was determined to do so, which is how this loaded oatmeal cookie recipe came to be.

oatmeal cookie recipe
Plain Oatmeal Cookie Base (gorgeous but… plain)

I was excited to try the recipe again and create something that tasted as great as this base recipe looked. I wanted this cookie to have it all – rustic good looks and great taste, not something that just lay flat… “yeah that’s an oatmeal cookie… no biggie.” So I got to work on it again mixing up a storm and trying different combinations and finally landed on, what my family thought, to be the most delicious and dynamic. A little crunch, two different sweet additions and they were perfect.

So without further adieu, I bring to you the final recipe My Grandma and I’s Loaded Oatmeal Cookie Recipe.


This oatmeal cookie recipe will be an all time favorite in my house and I am so happy that my grandma and I kinda got to work on it together – even if it isn’t in person.

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